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Votiro Appoints Ravi Srinivasan as CEO to Accelerate Votiro’s Zero-Trust File Security Strategy

Votiro, a global leader in malware and ransomware  prevention technology, announced today the appointment of Ravi  Srinivasan as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Votiro is a  subsidiary of Senetas (ASX:SEN), a cybersecurity solutions leader trusted to  protect commercial, government, defence and critical infrastructure data in  over 40 countries. Srinivasan, a veteran product executive with senior  leadership experience at Forcepoint and IBM Security, will spearhead Votiro’s  growth and capital requirements to enhance the company's brand  awareness and accelerate its global market expansion.  

“I am thrilled to be joining Votiro and look forward to enhancing the  company’s global operations and position within the malware prevention  market,” said Ravi Srinivasan, newly appointed CEO of Votiro. “Votiro is  paving the way in the Content Disarm and Reconstruction as a service  category. I am eager to begin work to drive innovation, enabling enterprises  to adopt a zero- trust approach to file security, and continue advancing  Votiro’s ground-breaking patented solutions.”  

Srinivasan joins Votiro with over two decades of experience in executive  product management and marketing leadership in cybersecurity and a  proven track record of transforming security products to SaaS business  models. Srinivasan has worked with teams across the globe to scale  businesses and grow new ventures. At Forcepoint, he served as the Vice  President of Solutions and Platform Marketing, where he led the company’s  global go-to-market product strategy, solution marketing, analyst relations,  and go-to-market enablement for an $800 million-plus cybersecurity portfolio.  He also served as Vice President and GM of IBM Security Information Risk and  Protection where he was responsible for transitioning the portfolio to cloud based offerings and executing a digital channels-based growth.  

Founder and CTO Aviv Grafi said of the appointment, “I look forward to  working with Ravi Srinivasan to strengthen our SaaS offerings of cyber threat  prevention and continue the expansion of our technology resources”.

Votiro also announced that Chris Fedde will assume the role of Chairman of  Votiro’s Board of Directors. He has been a board member since 2019 and has been operationally active with the company since joining. He has also held  numerous CEO positions within the information security community, growing  and strategically exiting companies.  

“Ravi Srinivasan joins Votiro with the ideal skills and experience we need to  accelerate our successes with enterprises that need to prevent weaponized  file attacks like ransomware,” Chris Fedde said. “His knowledge of cloud and  SaaS security products makes Ravi ideally positioned to help Votiro expand its  U.S. and global presence.” 

Due to rapid market growth in the APEC region, Daniel Sekers will move to  the role of Regional APEC Chairman and Non-Executive Director. He  commented: “With the company’s focus on the critical US market and Chris  Fedde working with Ravi Srinivasan to position the company for our next  phase of growth, I’m pleased to focus on the increasing APEC region  opportunities.”  

With cyberattacks surging and cybercriminals exploiting URLs and common  file formats to spread malware, Ravi Srinivasan’s appointment as CEO will  enhance Votiro’s market reach and customers’ increasing needs for an  advanced anti-malware solution. Votiro’s Secure File Gateway solution  addresses the most threatened file gateways - Email, Web Applications, and  Web Browsers – whilst enabling enterprise employees to safely download files  on whatever gateways they use without friction delays to their productivity. 

To learn more about the Votiro team and its Secure File Gateway solution  please visit  

About Votiro 

Founded in 2012 by leading file security experts, Votiro is trusted by large  enterprises, including top Fortune 500 companies, to eliminate file-based  malware threats while ensuring zero business interruption. Votiro is located in  the United States, Australia, Israel, and Singapore, and is trusted by millions of  users worldwide to safely access files with peace of mind. For more  information about Votiro, please visit 

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