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Sydney Rain Bombs Could Be On The Increase

  • Written by Joe Rantino

Motorway closures, forced evacuations, and flooding – Sydney has seen it all, including the recent weather event that has been dubbed the Taylor Swift Rain Bomb. Don't worry, nobody is blaming the global superstar for the extreme weather! It simply coincided with the start of her Sydney tour. 

On opening night, the rain was so heavy that areas of the stadium were forced to evacuate, and the opening artist was unable to perform due to the delays. While the heavens opened and dropped a deluge, Swift performed to an 80,000-strong crowd. Meanwhile, the rest of the city was battening down the hatches. 

What is a Rain Bomb?

The term ‘rain bomb’ is not a scientific one, but it is typically used to describe torrential rain events caused by an atmospheric river that builds in the sky. But no matter what it’s called, when huge volumes of rain fall in a short period of time, it can wreak havoc on drainage systems and lead to serious flooding.

According to recent research, climate change will increase the frequency of atmospheric rivers in the Sydney region, and that could mean more instances of heavy rainfall and flooding.

Proactive Measures Prevent Flooding 

According to Sydney plumber, Joe Rantino, there's one big reason rain bombs are forcing evacuations and road closures – drainage. 

Heavy rain poses a risk to drainage systems. There are two major reasons for this. With an influx of water, pipes can crack under the pressure. Heavy rain disturbs debris and forces it into the drains which can become blocked. When proper drainage is compromised, leaks and burst pipes lead to flooding. 

Homeowners can take proactive measures to ensure their property’s plumbing is in good working order. 

A plumber can provide a range of services that will improve your home’s resilience against heavy rain including:

  • inspect downpipes, gutters and drains for existing damage that has gone unnoticed and carry out the necessary repairs
  • assess the existing plumbing and stormwater drainage grates for obstructions and potential vulnerabilities
  • identify where maintenance or upgrades may be needed to provide additional protection during an extreme weather event
  • carry out scheduled roof and gutter cleaning
  • recommend drainage solutions for the backyard.

Schedule Plumbing Maintenance For Peace of Mind 

You can’t control Sydney’s weather, but you can schedule regular plumbing maintenance to ensure your property is adequately prepared to withstand the worst of it.

About the author

Joe Rantino, a 20 year veteran of North Sydney plumbing, has a well earned reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. From health to home and garden, he's the trusted local for plumbing advice, thanks to his proven track record of delivering quality work and transparent pricing. Joe is always keen to share his knowledge and expertise to help residents and business owners make informed decisions about protecting their property from water damage.


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