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Real Estates of the Future: The Tendency of Development

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to rethink how they lived their lives and shifted priorities. The by-product of that shift is that home life has regained importance over being in the office, with a significant increase in hybrid and home working and a rebalancing of the work/life continuum.

Real estate developers have taken heed of and are beginning to think about what new build developments need to have in the future. This will see a paradigm shift in how space is used in apartments and condos to fit customers' evolving needs.

In addition, landlords are beginning to repurpose space in existing developments. And if you want to contact landlords - Rentola has a vast range of newly renovated properties that are getting ahead of the curve and setting the trends that future real estate will need to match.

Space to Unwind and Relax

Being locked down for so much the past two years has forced people to step back and dial down the pace of their lives. The value of having time and space to relax and unwind has been rediscovered, and many have been unwilling to lose the positive impact “me” time has had on their quality of life.

Developers are taking this on board with creating “You Space, “ a room that can be purposed in whatever way the owner or tenant wishes. It could be a space where they can sit and read, listen to music, watch a film, and escape everyday life’s stresses.

In addition, developers are putting more emphasis on bathrooms with luxury en-suite bathrooms replacing shower areas that used to suit the office high-flyer that spent much more time away from home.

Flexible Rooms

Apartments with a living space and two out-and-out bedrooms no longer cuts it for many house hunters. Flexibility is a must-have, mainly to allow buyers and tenants to get the most out of their living space.

Having a room that can be changed quickly and inexpensively to suit someone’s lifestyle at any given point in time is becoming increasingly important. What starts as a home gym might soon become dedicated office space and end up as a nursery.

Living in an apartment that can grow with an individual over time is an increasingly attractive selling point. Developers are building that flexibility into their designs for new build developments.

Making the Kitchen a Focal Point

This is less of a new trend and more of an evolving one, but the days of the kitchen being a small area where people hide away purely to cook are long gone.

Nowadays, kitchen areas with large sprawling surfaces, islands, and stools for friends and family to sit with a cup of coffee or glass of wine while catching up are necessary. So much so that developers are incorporating kitchen areas not just to flow into the living areas of apartments in open plan designs but making the kitchen the focal point of the living space.

This increases the amount of living space available to entertain and enjoy. In addition, many developments are also designing kitchens to link directly with outdoor balconies and gardens for a feeling of nature and light, airy space.

Sustainability is Key

Building carbon-neutral and eco-friendly homes are increasingly at the forefront of developers’ thinking when designing new builds. Energy efficiency and low carbon emissions are no longer “nice to haves” but high on the list of demands for homeowners and tenants.

As a result, developers are including energy-saving measures such as wall, floor, and roof insulation as standard. In addition, low-carbon heating systems, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and even compost bins to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill are included in the initial design.

Owners and tenants no longer have to spend thousands of dollars making their home energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint.

Quality as Standard

There was a time not so long ago when purchasing a new build was fraught with worries. Developers often cut corners rather than going for quality workmanship, focusing on creating a façade that looked great but didn’t last very long.

That mindset has shifted significantly recently, with clients no longer willing to accept a veneer of quality. Instead, they demand high-quality finishes as standard. Indeed, high-quality materials and finishes contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability targets.

Developers are now desperate to add a mark of quality to their new build developments. They are prepared to go the extra mile in sourcing high-quality appliances, fixtures, and fittings to meet the demands of their clientele. This trend will continue over the coming years as people embrace hybrid working and spend more time at home.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Another thing that was taken for granted by many before COVID-19 restrictions were access to outside space. As people were confined to their homes for months, the need for outdoor space and greenery was firmly brought home.

Developers have recognised this need and are incorporating it into their developments. Whether by providing good-sized balconies for apartment dwellings or ensuring new-build houses have access to garden space, expect to see outdoor space become a priority in new developments in the coming years.

Large bi-fold sliding doors will become the norm to allow natural light to flood into living spaces and create bright, airy, natural-feeling rooms that connect the outdoors and inside of the home.


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