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5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Great Investment

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When it comes to property investment success, it is not just limited to the traditional buy-to-let structure. Investors always look for alternative options. While searching for other options, investors might think about considering a serviced apartment.

As per experts, service apartments are also great when you are thinking about investing in properties. You can invest in the best boutique hotels from Heritage Collection and earn a considerable amount of returns when required.

Should you invest in serviced apartments just because experts are suggesting you? Obviously not!

You must have a proper understanding of whether serviced apartments are great investment options. You can also check apartments for rent in south san francisco to check their amazing amenities

Here, in this article, we have discussed the reasons why serviced apartments are considered great investment options. Let’s have a look at those reasons now.

Reason 1: Space

Serviced apartments always offer a home from home, which is almost unachievable in a hotel. The most important part is that they are a lot more spacious than all those usual hotel rooms.

On average, reports state that serviced apartments provide 30% more space than a hotel. When it comes to staying somewhere and relaxing, working, or cooking, guests always prefer more spacious places instead of sticking to limited space.

Reason 2: Value

Reports state that the prices of serviced apartments tend to be approximately 20% less than of an equivalent hotel. The best part is that guests always prefer and value this. In addition to that, no hidden costs are there, like the room service and the minibar will get added at the end of the stay.

Apart from that, when it comes to longer stays, the VAT amount reduces to 4% and that too after staying for around 28 nights. So, for those guests who are looking for longer stays, serviced apartments are always preferable and pocket-friendly.

Reason 3: Flexibility

One of the several reasons for preferring serviced accommodations is being preferred more due to the flexibility. The guests can check out and check in at their own desired time schedule. They are even getting the option of cooking on their own.

Apart from that, guests are also getting the option of inviting their guests, having usual or work-related meetings in the private space at a particular time, which will work for everyone. Larger serviced apartments come with separate bathrooms and bedrooms, which are perfect for group travel.

Reason 4: Location

Your guests will be able to find serviced apartments in most of the cities and almost every part. In case the guests prefer to stay in the area of the city that is commercially enhanced and has a market and other amenities, you can offer that.

On the other hand, in case they are looking for more serenity and want to lead the usual life while staying in the residential areas, you also can get serviced apartments in all those residential parts of the city.

Reason 5: Privacy And Security

We are human, we always prefer a little privacy, and when it comes to security, we are not at all ready to take a single risk. Hotels might be able to offer us the security we desire, but when it comes to privacy, they are unable to offer us a sense of success.

Serviced accommodation is the best option when you are looking for privacy. Here, you are able to do it all by yourself, which reduces the main services and interruptions. In addition to that, serviced apartments also come with higher levels of security.


So, you see, serviced apartments are much more secure, private, flexible, and pocket friendly. If the guests are thinking about staying for longer, serviced apartments are much more reliable and cost-efficient than hotel rooms.

Plus, due to the pandemic situation, people prefer to stay on their own and handle all their chores by themselves. That is why investing in serviced apartments is actually great.


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