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Healthscope selects Adoreboard to improve Patient Experience in a Post-COVID World-PR Newswire APAC

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BELFAST, Ireland, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AI is being used to understand patients' emotions to help detect breaches in COVID-19 across 43 Healthscope hospitals in Australia with the deployment of Emotion AI technology Adoreboard.

As hospitals wrestle with the challenge of COVID-19, Healthscope a leading private healthcare provider, with 43 private hospitals across Australia and New Zealand treating 600,000 patients annually, has turned to Emotion AI platform Adoreboard[1] to understand patient emotions.

Insights by Healthscope using Adoreboard shows that apprehension spiked by 33% during the lockdown period as patients came to terms with the pandemic with 12.5% of all COVID-19 related comments expressed concerns around social distancing in areas such as hospital lifts.  

It also pinpointed the need for multi-language signage with this issue alone driving patient sadness by 30%. In response, Healthscope's patient experience and communications team rolled out innovative signage on social distancing instructions on thousands of meal trays across all hospitals with social distancing messaging for patients in multiple languages. A week after implementing the modifications they saw the positive changes in the patient feedback through the Emotion AI technology.

The software works by automatically integrating patient feedback from Qualtrics into Adoreboard's Emotics platform which can detect 24 levels of emotional intensity. Adoreboard's AI can detect recurring themes that trigger emotions such as Joy or Anger which in turn helps Healthscope prioritise what actions to take.

Jeffrey Woods, National Patient Experience Manager at Healthscope said: "Adoreboard's Emotics helps our frontline staff connect the dots in far more meaningful and empathetic ways. This improves speed to insight and ultimately the patient outcome by enabling us to prioritise decisions based on emotional intensity in any feedback. The best in human experience should be at the heart of healthcare and that's why we use Adoreboard."

The technology has also been deployed to detect other issues impacting patient experience by providing predictions on the outcome on its patient experience metrics if resolved. 

One such issue was the impact of blood monitoring cuffs which if fitted wrongly can cause discomfort to a patient's arm. The AI identified this issue reduced patient trust by 33% and increased sadness by 88%. The analysis showed by fixing this issue gains in satisfaction levels of patient experience would increase by 18%.

Adoreboard is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Customer Analytics using AI.



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