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Black Mamba Rod Lift and Oil Baron Supply Join Forces, Increasing Run-Times, Preventing Tubing Wear and Cavitation in Progressive Cavity Wells.

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Black Mamba Rod Lift and Oil Baron Supply Join Forces, Increasing Run-Times, Preventing Tubing Wear and Cavitation in Progressive Cavity Wells.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- October 2020 marks a new era as Black Mamba Rod Lift expands its presence beyond North America with its partner, Oil Baron Supply, a premier and established distributor and service provider of artificial lift products and oilfield accessories in Australia and New Zealand.  Craig Westerman, Director at Oil Baron Supply, approached Black Mamba after seeing a solution which addressed a nuisance in the marketplace for progressive cavity pumping. Westerman explains, "All too often operators experience tubing failures with traditional, legacy sucker rod guides.  Black Mamba Rod Lift manufactures the Black Mamba featuring a single fin design, helically encompassing drive-rods or sucker rods over an extended length. The increased flow area along with the design, which mimics the Archimedes pump, allows for progressive cavity pumped fluids to move upward without typical cavitation and accelerated tubing wear associated with standard sucker rod guide designs."

After presenting The Black Mamba to one of the largest operators in the region, Westerman's team jointly agreed, Oil Baron Supply needs to endorse, promote, and provide Black Mamba's products to the Australia-New Zealand market. Jonathan Martin, President for Black Mamba Rod Lift, was encouraged about a long-term cooperation with Oil Baron Supply after initial meetings and the enthusiasm that Westerman and team displayed.  From Martin- "Our innovative design, unlike anything ever seen in the market, was initially designed to address critical buckling loads and sucker rod stability, while increasing erodible wear volume, bearing surface area, product life, flow area, and a drastic reduction in fluid turbulence in reciprocating rod lift wells.  After launching our company and marketing campaign in the US in the second half of 2020, multiple groups came forward asking about The Black Mamba for use in PC wells, as it is a natural fit.  Two or more fins, typically four, which in PC wells consistently spin in one region of the production tubing, provides tubing abrasion at a rate four times higher than the single fin Black Mamba. This is yet another reason how Black Mamba Rod Lift differentiates itself from sucker rod guide manufacturers, bringing entirely new solutions to the artificial lift industry."

Oil Baron Supply is the exclusive distributor of Black Mamba Rod Lift's guide products in the Australian & New Zealand markets. The Black Mamba is directly over-molded onto sucker rods and drive rods with a unique, automated manufacturing system, including laser-etching and serialization of every part cross-referenced with cloud-based datalogging of all relevant manufacturing parameters. Each component molded for export to Oil Baron's region will feature joint branding of Oil Baron Supply and Black Mamba Rod Lift.

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