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"freezeframe" (FF) announces their third new distribution partnership this year, accelerating customer access to authentic freezeframe products in Australia and across Asia

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"freezeframe" (FF) announces their third new distribution partnership this year, accelerating customer access to authentic freezeframe products in Australia and across Asia

SYDNEY, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Self Care Corporation, the manufacturer of Australia's No.1 clinical skincare brand freezeframe, today announced a new partnership with Australian based Zorgen Health, one of Australia's largest export distribution companies with a focus on connecting consumers across Asia with premium Australian made products.

Effective immediately, the agreement grants Zorgen the right to distribute freezeframe products in Australia as well as via digital channels across mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

"Now that interim injunctions are in place and Court actions continuing against the individuals and entities Self Care believes to be responsible for distributing non-genuine freezeframe, it is vital for us to work with distribution partners that can be trusted to deliver authentic freezeframe to our numerous fans in China and across Asia. We considered many partners and feel confident that Zorgen's ethical principles combined with their expertise and strong distribution networks will help us grow in China and South East Asia, ensuring both our customers and our brand remain safe", said Sonia Amoroso, CEO.

The appointment is an important move for the brand in the wake of the exposition of a counterfeiting ring which spanned Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia and New Zealand.

Self Care has terminated its limited relationship with Freezeframe Co., Limited, and Freezeframe Co., Limited has no authority to sell freezeframe products, nor to authorise any other party to distribute freezeframe. Self Care have not supplied any freezeframe products to Freezeframe Co., Limited nor to any of its associated companies including Freezeframe China Co Pty Ltd since March 2019. As a result, freezeframe products supplied by Freezeframe Co., Limited or companies or platforms that claim to be authorised by Freezeframe Co., Limited are not likely to be genuine freezeframe products originating from Self Care in Australia.

Interim Court injunctions have been granted in Australia against Freezeframe China Co Pty Ltd and other companies and individuals associated with Freezeframe Co. Limited, preventing them from further supplying freezeframe products. These Court orders have been in place since 25 October 2019 and are continuing.

The new partnership with Zorgen will bolster freezeframe's growing network to ensure a safe and consistent supply of authentic "freezeframe" products, including the number 1 selling eye cream in Australia "freezeframe" REVITALEYES and popular products BREAST ENHANCER, TUMMY TUCK and LASH PRESCRIPTION.

The only way to ensure freezeframe product is authentic is to purchase from a trusted distribution partner of Self Care. Links can be found at[1] and[2]., official social accounts Weibo: freezeframe医学美容护肤 or WeChat: freezeframe芙日菲.

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