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EcoFlow Celebrates Multiple Wins at 2023 Australian Good Design Awards

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The brand picked up prizes for its Power Kits, GLACIER portable refrigerator, and the DELTA 2 Series portable power station.

SYDNEY, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoFlow, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, is elated by its resounding success at the esteemed 2023 Australian Good Design Awards. The groundbreaking EcoFlow Power Kits, the powerful DELTA 2 Series of portable power stations, and the world first 3-in-1 portable refrigerator EcoFlow GLACIER stood out from over 900 entries to triumph across a variety of Product Design categories, underscoring EcoFlow's commitment to pioneering design. In an exciting development, the award-winning DELTA 2 portable power station will be available in Australia from 19th September.

EcoFlow Celebrates Multiple Wins at 2023 Australian Good Design Awards EcoFlow won multiple 2023 Australian Good Design Awards for its Power Kits, GLACIER fridge, and DELTA 2 portable power station

Since 1958, the Australian Good Design Awards set a global standard for 65 years. Recognised by the World Design Organization, they highlight outstanding annual design across fields, underscoring the impact of design on industries and society. Committed to advancing the sector and driving positive change, they are a pivotal force in industry progress.

EcoFlow DELTA 2[1], soon  to debut in Australia, is the remarkable second generation of the renowned DELTA Portable Power Station. Described by the judging panel as "an example of thoughtful design that has been meticulously executed", DELTA 2 was awarded for Product Design – Consumer Electronics, standing out from the field with industry-leading recharging speed that's seven times faster than its competitors. DELTA 2 delivers exceptional outdoor versatility, being strong yet lightweight at 12kg, supporting over 90% of household appliances through its 13 ports, and providing customisable energy management through the EcoFlow mobile app. Beyond a simple battery, DELTA 2 perfectly caters to the demands of family outdoor activities and power disruptions.

EcoFlow Power Kits[2], which secured a triumphant win in the Product Design – Commercial and Industrial category, are the world's most compact modular power solutions. Designed for seamless integration into RVs, cabins, and boats, these kits present the perfect solution for off-grid lifestyles, streamlining the installation process of personalised power solutions and delivering adaptable and efficient energy customisation. This recognition celebrates EcoFlow's contribution to enhancing the off-grid experience through innovative and user-centric design.

The revolutionary 3-in-1 portable fridge, EcoFlow GLACIER[3], winner in the Product Design – Domestic Appliances category, brings indoor luxury to outdoor living, with a "great looking form that is also well suited to maximising interior space", according to the judging panel. Rapid cooling capabilities allow it to craft ice cubes in only 12 minutes and achieve internal cooling from 30°C to 0°C in merely 15 minutes. Equipped with versatile compartments and an array of modes, GLACIER caters seamlessly to camping, yachting, and various outdoor adventures, all while maintaining superb efficiency.

EcoFlow's award-winning products provide sustainable, reliable, and versatile power for activities such as camping, emergencies, remote work, and more. With advanced technology, superior performance, and sleek design, EcoFlow sets industry benchmarks. EcoFlow's innovative products are available for purchase from EcoFlow's online store[4] and official Amazon store[5], as well as from brick-and-mortar retailers Anaconda, Autobarn, Bunnings, Battery World, and Harvey Norman. The EcoFlow DELTA 2 will be available in Australia from 19th September.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company with the vision to power a new world. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow aims to become a reliable and trusted energy companion for individuals and families across the world, providing accessible and renewable power solutions at home, outdoors, and in mobile spaces. Today, with operational headquarters located in the USA, Germany, and Japan, EcoFlow has empowered more than 2.5 million users in over 100 markets worldwide.

Source: EcoFlow Technology Inc.


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