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Byepix Builds Metaverse Ecosystem with New Features

  • Written by Newsfile

Manila, Philippines--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2022) - Byepix[1] announces new features which include enabling all current and future metaverses with multiple platforms such as Virtual Life, Mission, Gaming, Fun, Creation Platforms and many more. Byepix is an all-encompassing Web3 platform powered by the EPIX BEP-20 native token, including NFT, DAO, DeFi, Play to Earn, and everything in between. While it's building a Metaverse blockchain to create a solid basis that can receive, support and respond in a flexible way to upcoming Metaverse upgrades that will make the Metaverse experience more real than almost real, it's also developing two protocols, one on Layer 2, to link Metaverse projects across borders.

The Web3 project already proved several inherent benefits, such as important developments, security, nonpareil speed, and decentralized nature.

Listing on LBank

People can now buy and sell the EPIX/USDT[2] cryptocurrency pair without any hassle. The recent[3] token listing[4] has helped Byepix expand its business and brings more attention to itself. Accordingly, the EPIX token was listed as one of the top gainers on the exchange in no time.

It also has listings on market analysis platforms such as Coingecko, Binance, CMC, and Coinbase. However, these listings are primarily for monitoring the trajectory of the market.

Partnership With CLS Liquidity Service

CLS Global[5] is a comprehensive consulting service, with a focus on crypto market making, PR, and other 360-degree services to crypto projects. The company has been in the market since 2017. It is a reputable, revered, and well-known liquidity provider in the ecosystem.

The partnership with CLS liquidity services will help Byepix position itself to run order book and market making.

Noteworthy Developments & Near Future

Diamond Land[6] went live on November 15. It is a metaverse land that can be owned, sold, developed, and further explored.

Following the Diamond Land, the Land Paper V1 will go live by November 25. Essentially, Land Paper is a legal document, containing the overarching details of every state-of-the-art feature of the metaverse lands.

Three days after the Land Paper release is the Premium Land release, which will take place on November 28. Premium Land is like the Diamond Land.

Between December 1 and 20, Byepix will focus primarily on game content. Initially, it will begin with two games. However, as the platform develops, they aim for thousands of different types of P2E games, such as Gems Hunter[7], which will be the genesis of the project's penetration into gamification. Gems Hunter will be its first RPG game. The game has a P2E feature.

On December 19, there will be a Byepix Metaverse Voice[8] update. Following this update, people will be able to communicate on the Byepix metaverse by speaking with one another.

Since the last few months, Byepix has been releasing several airdrop campaigns.

There are 25,000 out of 1 billion EPIX currently in circulating supply. This low circulating supply is due to the Advantageous Maximum Profit Program, AMP.

About Upcoming Events:

Byepix will be hosting a Web3 event[9] in the Byepix Metaverse very soon.

Social media and Community:

Byepix has accumulated a community of over 100,000 Twitter followers, and double that on Telegram. Over 37,000 crypto enthusiasts took EPIX on their watchlist on Coin Market Cap (CMC).

MEDIA CONTACT:Contact Person: Krystelle GalanoCompany: ByepixEmail: k.galano@byepix.comWebsite: Listing:[10][11]

To view the source version of this press release, please visit[12]


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