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LinkSports International Corp. Activates the Sharechest Connector to Assist with LinkSports $1.75MM Raise

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Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - November 25, 2022) - Sharechest is pleased to announce the recent activation of the Sharechest Connector on LinkSports website. LinkSports is seeking to raise $1.75MM with its pre-seed offer. The Sharechest Connector captures potential investor interest to facilitate impactful company and investor relationships.

LINKSPORTS is the trading name of Linksports International Corp., a startup company established in Canada and incorporated in 2020. With the aim of using a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-based sponsorship system, the company created the SPORTSVERSE. This platform combines the power of social media to rank aspiring players (using video analytics and multi-sports challenges). In addition, it provides connections between fans, casual players, aspiring players and scouts. Other essential actors within the SPORTSVERSE platform - such as family & friends and football teachers - are also becoming engaged. They constitute the initial seed group that validates our vision: to create a peer-2-

peer financial patronage bridge between fans and aspiring players.

LinkSports developed unique features that differentiate its platform from other marketplace sport selection apps: it is a social platform, not merely a selection tool. Current sports players' marketplace applications have a low engagement rate and generate limited interaction because they are not more than a passive display shown to scouts. Most fail to become a social ecosystem since they don't create interactions between fans and talent. Within the SPORTSVERSE, the aim is that players can receive funding from fans, and do more than fill forms or upload videos: they will be ranked through active challenges, so that scouts not only have a simple searching tool but also ranking criteria based in AI and human video analysis of athletic parameters.

To learn more about LinkSports please visit their website[1]. For more information on the Pre-Seed offer and access to LinkSports' Data-Room: please send an email to:[2] or call (647) 969-0449.

About Sharechest Inc.

Sharechest Inc. provides an innovative web application solution that streamlines the discovery process for companies seeking investors. The Sharechest Connector seamlessly integrates onto the company's existing website and acts as a magnet for investors who are interested in learning more about the company or investing in the company. Customized to meet the company's brand, the Sharechest Connector widget provides a secure and simplified lead generation form for interested investors to actively engage and take action as they navigate through the company's website.

For further information about Sharechest Inc. and becoming one of our success stories, please visit[3].

Steve Kim, Media Relations,[4]

To view the source version of this press release, please visit[5]


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