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Ipswich retailers to be showcased in new annual award: JMK Retail Business Award

With the city of Ipswich experiencing the highest level of growth across south east Queensland compared to other cities including Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, it is no wonder that Ipswich’s retail sector has now received an added boost to its already growing profile.

The Ipswich Chamber of Commerce has just announced the launch of a new business award category, the JMK Retail Business Award.

The new award will showcase Ipswich’s retail sector and give the wider community the opportunity to nominate their favourite retailer.

Sponsor of the new award, JMK Retail, is delighted to be part of retail history across the region.

The city of Ipswich is not only one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, we also boast one of the most vibrant, diverse and innovative retail sectors,” JMK Retail, general manager, Vicki Leavy said.

The retail sector in Ipswich sits within the top five industries by employment in the region, contributing to some 10 percent of all jobs. This is a huge component of the region’s economy and demonstrates why the retail sector is such an important powerhouse.

JMK Retail is seeing first-hand how quickly the sector is growing. The launch of our newest shopping centre, Yamanto Central, has attracted some global and national leading brands to our centre including brands that have opened their first store in the region.

The centre is attracting thousands of shoppers each week and we are witnessing the footfall continued growth. The people of Ipswich value the region’s retail sector and strongly support it by getting off their computers and coming into stores to shop in person.

While many parts of the country are seeing a decline in physical retail, Ipswich is experiencing a rise in the sector which speaks volumes for retailers across the region. It means that retailers throughout Ipswich are meeting the needs of our community by delivering personalised customer service and quality products. Our retailers offer a high level of customer engagement, connecting with consumers - nothing compares to being instore and being able to see the product firsthand.”

The JMK Retail Business Award officially opens as part of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce annual awards, on the 1st of April. Nominations are open until the 12th of July.

These can be made online at

I strongly encourage everyone across Ipswich to nominate their favourite retailers. Our retailers are the heart of our community. Not only do they provide important goods and services, they support our local community through jobs and donations,” Leavy said.

The arrival of the JMK Retail Business Award is very timely. With the city of Ipswich and surrounding areas experiencing significant population and job growth, the retail sector plays a key role in this economic activity.

Whether your favourite retailer is at Yamanto Central, Winston Glades, or another location across Ipswich, I encourage everyone to take the time to nominate one or more retailers.

The award process will not only recognise the work of retail businesses across the city, it will also let them know how much customers value their presence and community contribution.”

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