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SpotGo BBQ Wipes now sold exclusively at Coles

  • Written by SpotGo Co-founder, Brendan Small

SpotGo is proud to unveil its latest product innovation – the SpotGo Biodegradable BBQ Wipes. The newest addition joins our existing line up of premium household cleaning product range and is an Australian first in cleaning technology.

As an Aussie-made and owned company, we've secured an exclusive deal with Coles, a leading Australian retailer, ensuring widespread availability of these environmentally friendly wipes.

With a rich history spanning over five decades, SpotGo remains dedicated to providing real, hardworking, and food-safe formulas. The SpotGo Biodegradable BBQ Wipes are meticulously crafted to tackle grease and grime, ensuring a comprehensive clean for challenging cooking surfaces, from BBQ plates to oven interiors.

SpotGo seamlessly integrates industrial-level chemistry with domestic standards. The non-toxic, non-abrasive, palm oil-free formula positions these wipes as an ideal everyday cleaner for BBQs and food preparation areas.

As Co-founders, Nancy and I dedicated over three years to research and development, resulting in a product where both the fabric and chemical scrub nodules are entirely biodegradable—something that has never been seen or developed within the category before.

Coles has been an amazing partner and supporter of SpotGo since we first ranged our Surface/BBQ Degreaser in their stores two years ago, so it was a natural decision to negotiate retail space with them for this launch. We are excited for this launch as we have built the SpotGo brand from day one with the same morals and beliefs.

Adrian Statham, Coles Assistant Category Manager for BBQ, shares the enthusiasm, saying, "We know our customers love barbecuing and we are pleased to partner with SpotGo to launch their new 100% Biodegradable BBQ Wipes in our stores nationally, just in time for summer barbecues.”

SpotGo's Biodegradable BBQ Wipes are now on the shelves at Coles stores nationwide. To explore SpotGo's complete product range and learn more, visit Join us in embracing an eco-friendly journey towards a cleaner and greener future.


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