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From divorce to sought-after artist and Amazon best-selling author

  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

From a difficult divorce to helping women traverse the journey of finding, empowering and celebrating themselves, Elizabeth Jane’s focus is to use her experience and extraordinary artistic abilities to assist as many people as possible to move forward and recover from health, financial and relationship issues.

Jane is an Australian artist and author who has just released her first book, ‘Free and First – Unlocking Your Ultimate Life’. An Amazon best seller in the debut books category, Jane’s book explores her personal journey and incorporates her stunning collection of art and poetry specifically created to bring her story to life.

I am incredibly proud to share my journey with others. It is not an easy journey and one which many people will be able to relate to, but for me rebuilding my life after a traumatic marriage breakdown came in the form of the desire to reconnect with my authentic self. Somehow over many years I managed to lose myself. My recovery was very much about rediscovering me and who I am,” Jane said.

How does a woman, who has spent so many years as a wife, partner, mother and home caretaker, find a new way of doing things, an invigorated purpose, and a renewed sense of self. For me, my recovery and growth has come through writing and painting and now I am keen to share my work with the world in the hope that I can inspire others to heal, grow and enjoy the wonder of life, afresh and inspired.

Going through a divorce after so many years of marriage feels like such an isolated experience and yet so many people experience it. I hope that sharing my journey will help others to heal, embrace life and find happiness.”

Taking you through a transformative journey of exploration, the world, through the eyes of Jane, an Australian artist, author and public speaker, is one of colour, light, texture and feeling. Evidenced in both her written and painting works, her signature style evokes both emotion and resilience as she pays humble tribute to the new opportunities that influence and fill her life.

Jane’s artwork is stunning; a plethora of pastels in acrylic oil and watercolours, depicting serene ponds of lotus flowers and butterflies as well as other majestic imagery. The first 13 of her paintings are featured in her debut book, ‘Free and First – Unlocking Your Ultimate Life’.

From divorce to author

I actually used to keep a secret journal as a child, but I didn’t continue with writing for a long time after those adolescent years. What sparked the need to write again was, unfortunately, the breakdown of my 25-year marriage which ended in a divorce. As part of the healing process, I began chronicling my thoughts and feelings in a journal again,” Jane recalled.

This book captures my transformational journey and appeals to people all around the world of all ages who are looking to receive some uplifting and positive insights. This book is a tool kit that they can use to help them embrace a life of joy and purpose.

I invite my readers to use this tool kit so that they can realise and pursue their true desires. Your needs should not be sidelined, regardless of your age or stage in life. My aim is to be an uplifting source for people to draw from, so that they can open themselves up receiving more joy, love, prosperity and abundance, in all its forms.”

From Cork and Canvas to artist

My career as an artist came about in a rather unique way. My children had purchased for me a fun voucher to attend a Cork and Canvas class, so I went along to it with a couple of my girlfriends and had a lot of fun while painting away. At the end of the class, my friends were so impressed by what I had created that they said to me that I had to continue taking classes to develop my skills more. So that’s exactly what I did, and I enrolled in weekly art classes,” Jane said.

From there, I embraced the joy and expression of painting and its ability to soothe and heal. Thirteen of my first paintings are included in my book. The digital versions of these paintings are all available for purchase through my website.

I have since painted many more pieces of art and continue to develop ideas for future works. Some of these are available for purchase on my website also.”

Contributing to a better world

Divorce was a low point in my life, but through healing, I was able to realise that it was an opportunity for me to grow as a person, to embrace other aspects of life that I had not considered up until then. I thought I was living the Aussie dream with a husband and four beautiful children, but when my marriage broke down, it took me a while for me to realise that I could come out of it and set myself on my true path,” Jane said.

I lived for many months away from the hustle and bustle of the city to collect myself. It was during this process that I found myself and came to the realisation that I have much to be grateful for; I have four beautiful adult children, I enjoy good health and have many loving relationships. I am grateful to have found a more joyful and purposeful life.

Many people will relate to my story. My transformational journey of moving from the role of wife to an independent woman with an invigorated sense of purpose will resonate with many. My journey has not been easy and I could not have done it without the love and support of others, but I am here and I am living proof that you can build a life you love full of passion and purpose.”

About Elizabeth Jane

Elizabeth Sri Vidhya Jane is an Australian artist, author and public speaker. She uses a selection of painting media in her art, including acrylic oil and water colour. Digital and canvas versions of her art are available for purchase through her website. Jane’s debut book, ‘Free and First—Unlocking Your Ultimate Life’, was written as part of her healing process following her divorce, which ended a 25-year marriage. Jane aims to develop wellness centres and healing sanctuaries focused on helping people to recover from relationship breakdowns and other life issues.

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