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Three simple ways to start the new year just right

The start of a new year is upon us. The season often brings an expectation of renewal and inspiration – a fresh start. In this article we’ll give you three suggestions on how to easily get the right mindset for the new year. 

1. Create a mindful environment with wall art 

A really simple way to change your mindset is to change the scenery. Rather than spending tons of cash on travel to get inspiration, create a mindful space in your own home with the use of wall art

With wall art you can adapt your living environment using minimal space, and you can choose any vibe you want. You can choose meditation-friendly black and white minimalistic wall art, or a splash of color with a tropical themed poster. You can mix and match sizes and motives for a fuller look or choose something different for every room. 

Wall art is also a great, simple yet elegant gift to stack up on, so you don’t have to hassle to get presents for friends and family throughout the year. 

2. Cleanse your mind by cleansing your cabinets 

Just like we enjoy eating pretty food more than bland-looking food, so does our mind feel more relaxed when our space is cleaner. So, find your best cleaning playlist and lets organize those cabinets. 

By organizing and decluttering your space, your mind will have to go through less decisions and sorting in the everyday life. Thus, you can save energy by doing a big sort-through at the beginning of the year and use that energy to spend more time on things which you actually enjoy doing. 

If you don’t know where to start or find it difficult to throw things away, grab some help from the 2021 hit Mari Kondo who’s perfected the decluttering process. 

3. Bring the new year into focus with goal-setting 

Sometimes new starts can feel overwhelming and in the end it doesn’t feel very new at all. To avoid the dreadful existential feeling of simply going through the motions of life, try some simple goal setting. 

It doesn’t have to feel overbearing at all. Try this: set one super-attainable goal and one more challenging. For example, the super-attainable one might be to make your bed every morning, and the more challenging one may be to read more. Then take out your physical or digital planner and make a note three months later. At that time, revisit your goals and be reminded to keep going 

If your goal is something like “read more”, it might be useful to make a specific goal for how many books you want to read before the “check-up”. Just one is totally fine! 

Setting these types of goals will help you stay motivated throughout the year, and even completing the most basic tasks that are on that list will help you feel accomplished. 

Hopefully at least one of these ideas seem doable to you. Remember: living mindfully can be as simple as this. Happy new year! 


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