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Design the Ideal Office Space for Your New Staff

If you're opening a new business, you must design an office. You'll want the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Here are some guidelines for creating the ideal office space.

1. Create Open Spaces and Private Offices

One key to collaboration is a feeling of connection. You'll promote that feeling by allowing your staff to see each other. You'll also want a private office for yourself and any other company executives.

Arranging rows of desks in a large central room can foster collaboration. You can enhance cooperation further by having desks that face each other. For meetings, you'll need a large room with a rectangular or circular table. A few small unoccupied rooms can provide privacy for hiring or client conferences. If you are designing a large office, include at least one employee restroom.

2. Invest in Comfortable Furniture

No matter what your staff does during their workday, you'll want them to be comfortable. Their desks and chairs need to be adjustable for each person's comfort. The furniture should be ergonomic: designed to promote perfect posture and prevent back injury.

Your staff's desks should be at a height that promotes their ability to read their computers and reach necessary objects. Consider whether your staff members need shelves or cabinets for files or equipment. Be sure you also include a break room with a table and chairs for snacks or lunch.

3. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Natural light is crucial for workers who are inside all day. Position large windows on the walls, so staff can easily see the sunshine. Natural light brings an elevation in mood, and sunlight provides vitamin D.

Be sure there is adequate light on the ceiling of the office. Another way to improve staff mood is to place green plants throughout the office. If you're designing an office complex, including an indoor garden can provide a vibrant accent to the building. This will attract clients and add to office camaraderie.

4. Make the Break Room Inviting

Your staff needs a dedicated space for their breaks. It should include necessary things like a table and chairs. Adding extra touches will help your employees get the mental and physical respite their breaks should provide.

If you furnish your break room with counters holding a coffee maker, a toaster, and a microwave, it will be appreciated by your staff. Quartz countertops are an excellent choice, as they're easy to clean. The remodeling advisers at Fixr estimate quartz countertops cost an average of $75 per square foot.

5. Keep Comfortable

Your staff needs a comfortable room temperature. That discomfort can affect productivity. You'll therefore need to ensure your office has an efficient HVAC system.

These systems will add to the cost of your office. However, the need for these systems is universal. To give you a better idea, in 2018, Americans used 15.3 million units of air conditioners, and that number continues to grow.

6. Consider Internet Access

A thriving business needs computer access. Many daily internal tasks will be done by computer. In addition, your company will need an online presence for marketing purposes.

If your company is large enough, you may need assistance with your marketing functions. Hiring a consulting company with SEO experience will significantly boost your online presence. You may also outsource your billing and payroll services.

7. Keep the Office Clean

When your office opens, you'll need regularly scheduled office cleaning. Most offices depend on commercial cleaning services to perform routine cleaning tasks. Business blogger Thrive My Way reports that 55% of the cleaning industry comprises commercial cleaners.

By following the above guidelines, you'll find creating the ideal office space may be challenging- but it can also be rewarding. Your staff will work best in a collaborative atmosphere. A comfortable setting with the right equipment will provide them with the essentials for their future success.



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