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Maintain a Crystal Clear Swimming Pool this Summer Season

Who doesn’t love seeing a sparkling swimming pool that looks like it has been elegantly maintained and inviting you to dive right in to cool down, but what does it take to get that magazine-worthy aesthetic? Too often people assume that simply raking out the leaves from the surface of a pool and the occasional topping up of water is enough to achieve a well-maintained pool, but there is so much more you can do.

Sure, we have all heard about adding solvents or chemicals to the pool water will help to maintain that crystalline effect but if you don’t have the right products you could end up using something too strong which can affect sensitive skin, or they are simply not good enough and your pool looks just as bad as it did when you started if not worse from adding all the products. Keeping your pool clean and clear is essential for your family to ensure they are safe and protected from pollutants and contaminants, and helps to maintain the PH balance of the water. So, with that being said, how do you know which products to use, what to look for when shopping for products, or know if there are chemicals to avoid? We have curated a handful of
tips and tricks to look for when shopping for pool cleaning and maintenance products so you know your family is safe and you can enjoy a great-looking pool this summer, and, ideally all year long.
Finding the perfect product
Whether you run your own pool cleaning company looking for quality products to elevate your pool services and set the tone for your professionalism in the industry, or simply need something that works for your pool at home, there is something out there for you to try and use, and enjoy. Water quality and maintenance of your pool can make all the difference between a good summer and a great one where all the neighborhood kids want to be by your house, so let’s dive in and see the top fundamentals and chemical choices to get right so your pool is always crystal clear and inviting. 

·         Pool type
This is the most important element, knowing the type of pool you have or service if this is your occupation. You need chemicals that are compatible with the pool’s chemistry, so knowing if it is a chlorinated pool, or a saltwater pool is the first step. You want the best quality pool cleaning products so be sure to do your research.

·         Algae growth
This is not something anyone wants to see in their pool, but it can happen. Algae growth is easily treatable so choose a product and algaecide that is specifically formulated for your pool.

·         PH level
There is an optimal PH level at which your pool should be maintained, opt for a PH balancer that regulates and maintains your pool between 7.2 to 7.8 PH.

·         Water hardness
Many people don’t realize that water hardness or softness is a real thing, and for your pool, it is no different. Regularly test your pool’s water hardness to achieve good stabilization between 200-400 ppm.

·         Water clarity
To achieve that magazine-worthy looking pool you need to ensure it is cloud-free and crystal, and for that, you need a clarifier. This will prevent the water from becoming misty or changing color to a green tint, the last thing we want is for anyone to be swimming in green-colored water.

·         Sanitizer level
The chlorine level in a pool will ensure that the water and pool itself are sanitized and safe to swim in. Depending on the type of sanitizer you use you can safely manage and regulate the chlorine levels in the pool and adjust as needed whether it be too low or too high.

·         Stabilizer
This is not something many people think about or have even heard of but protecting your pool from the harsh UV rays of the sun is a must. This is particularly important if you live in an area with high UV light levels. 

A final thought
 At the end of the day choosing the right chemicals and solutions for your pool will make a significant difference to the look and feel of the water, but regular maintenance is equally important. Get into the habit of brushing and skimming the surface of the pool, vacuuming the floor of the pool (yes, this is a thing), and always check the chemical levels and ratios to ensure they are balanced and optimal. 

No matter if you enjoy pool maintenance and cleaning yourself at home, or if you offer pool cleaning services the right chemicals will make the work that much more effective and efficient. Once you find your groove and have the right products for the job, half the leg work is done and the rest is simple maintenance. So, do your homework, use the right products, and let your pool be the envy of the neighbors this summer.


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