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A Comparison Of Amex Gold Vs Chase Sapphire Preferred

To assist you secure the reward points for your upcoming vacation, are you looking for an additional rewards card? 

Both the American Express Gold and Chase Sapphire cards provide high returns on spending and let you earn worthwhile introductory bonuses. However, based on your travel as well as spending preferences, each is likely to appeal to different people. If you’re debating Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Amex Gold cards, the specifics are here for you to peruse.

What Is Basic

The annual fee for an American Express® Gold Account is $250 (Rates & Fees). If you do not use the up to $240 in yearly credits that the credit card gives, this cost may be difficult to bear. Cardholders can earn a maximum of four points for every dollar spent in bonus categories in return for this charge.

Greetings Offers

The welcome offers are the first thing to consider. The welcome incentive should clearly have an impact on the card you apply for, even though the long-term revenue potential is crucial to keeping the card following the first year. 

An enhanced 60,000 point incentive is now being offered by Amex Gold when you spend $4,000 for purchases inside the first six months. When compared to the usual 35,000 point offer, this is a huge gain. It is also the highest introductory offer seen when this card first came out. 

After making $4,000 in purchases over the first three months after creating their account, new Sapphire Preferred cards receive 60,000 points. That is the card's standard bonus.

Annual Charges

The yearly charge is one of the biggest distinctions between these two cards. Compared with the Sapphire Preferred's $95 annual fee, the Amex Gold carries a $250 annual premium. It is obvious that in order to make up the $155 difference and make the Amex Gold card more beneficial to your wallet than the Sapphire card, you must accrue advantages and points.

Bonus categories and Potential Long-Term Earnings

Calculating the number of points you may collect annually may be the simplest method of choosing which of these credit cards merits a permanent place in your wallet. On non-bonus purchases, neither card offers more than one point per dollar.

Rewards Points

Both cards provide flexible point earning and fantastic transfer partners. However, there are minor variations in the methods for redeeming the points you have and the value associated with each redemption choice.

Points for Visiting Partners Transferred

You may transfer points to airfare and hotel partners using Amex Membership Rewards as well as Chase Ultimate Rewards. For some Amex advantages, enrollment is necessary. Simply add your Amex Gold as a payment option in your Uber account to start using the monthly Uber credits.

What is the value of these credits?

Fans of points and miles frequently use the worth of the dining and Uber credits to defend the Amex Gold's yearly price. The credits could be too challenging to utilize, though, for their full face worth. 

You are not gaining any additional value unless you previously spent money eating at the selected restaurants that qualified for the free dining credits and utilize Uber at least monthly. It is possible that you end up spending more money out of your own pocket simply to try to recuperate the monthly eating credit.

Travel Security

A trip delay coverage, luggage loss & damage protection, purchase safeguarding, and additional warranty ( benefits are some of the improved travel and consumer protection features available to Amex Gold cards. 

The Sapphire Preferred features a wide range of travel as well as purchase protection advantages, including the following, even if there are no statement credits to help cover the annual fee. 

  • Primary damage or loss of insurance for rented cars
  • Coverage for trip disruption, cancellation, and delay
  • Coverage for lost and delayed luggage
  • Towing service
  • Help with travel emergencies
  • Travel accident protection
  • Purchase insurance
  • Longer warranty

Application Limitations and Approach

Amex limits the number of times you may receive the new-cardmember promotion on a rewards card. Therefore, you might not be eligible for the introductory promotion on this card if you previously were given the Amex Gold and its predecessor, the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. 

Fortunately, Amex will inform you if you are not qualified for the welcome offer throughout the application process. In the meanwhile, Chase imposes limits for the Sapphire cards at both the issuer and card family levels. 

You currently have a Sapphire schedule, or over the last 48 months, you got a sign-up bonus upon a Sapphire card. The Sapphire Preferred includes a cheaper annual fee, superior vacation and purchase protection features, and simpler-to-use points with a greater cash-out value. 

Long-term returns on your spending are better with the Amex Gold, though. It is a powerful rewards card that offers fantastic returns on well-liked bonus areas including grocery, eating, and travel. It is therefore important to add it to your wallet together with other Membership Rewards cards.




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