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Best Graphic Design Tools and Software for Sydney Designers

Your customers will remember your brand when they see you. To get etched into the memories of your target audience, you need to create a strong visual presence. Thus, you need the help of professionals who understand your tone and then create the design. Graphic designers based in Sydney are utilizing the latest tools and trends to create the perfect brand design. These tools help create perfect design aligning with brand goals and mission.

Graphic Designing Experts from award-winning companies like Creato, with 5+ years of experience, dive deep into understanding your brand and eventually craft the design accordingly. Because “design tends to add value faster than it adds cost.”

Graphic design is a fast evolving field and it will evolve more in future. Nowadays, many design tools have started giving AI features. Read more about these tools below.

Best Graphic Design Tools for Sydney Designers in 2023

There are many benefits of graphic design for businesses. These tools can help you in designing amazing graphics. It is like an intern that helps in crafting the perfect image. Below are some of the tools that over the time have proved their efficiency and excelled in designing the perfect image of a brand: 

1. Canva

Whether you're a beginner or a Pro, one tool that will always be your best friend for designing is Canva. From the basics to the complex, Canva is always there for you, no matter what design you need. It is phenomenal for creating social media graphics, presentations, infographics, and more. There is no need to install Canva, for you can easily use it directly from the website. If you ever feel stuck while designing, you can get instructional tutorials and videos too.

2. Adobe Photoshop

If you want to create custom designs from a blank template, Adobe Photoshop is perfect for designers. Using these, the designers can create graphic designs as per their requirements. The best part is that the tool is perfect for 3D graphics, digital art, web graphics and more. Photoshop comes with some plugins and AI-powered filters that will help in bringing customisation.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the perfect tools for creating scalable and versatile designs. Therefore, this tool can assist in crafting the best social media graphics and logos that can be used across different platforms. Compared to other tools, Adobe Illustrator comes with a customisable user interface. Since it is easy to use, the designers have creative freedom to create the perfect design.

4. Adobe Indesign

Adobe InDesign is one of the most efficient tools to use for text manipulation. With numerous fonts available in the platform, the designers have complete creative freedom to indulge in designing as per their convenience. The designers can customize the fonts as well to comply with the brand image. Moreover, the designers can use more resources because of Photoshop and Illustrator integration.

5. CorelDraw

You will be able to use CorelDraw only on Windows OS. It is highly responsive and important in creating professional vector illustrations. Since various customisation options are available, designers can use it for web design, logo and printing projects. With the integration of AI, CorelDraw now creates the perfect layout with better results.

6. Inkscape

If you use Linux as your operating system, you must rely on Inkscape. This full-featured graphic design program is vector-based. It plays an important role in creating the perfect open-source images. Inkscape designers can get a wide range of features such as filters, pen tools, and bitmap tracing tools. Compared to many graphic design tools, Inkspace is fast and responsive.

7. Eagle

With the help of Eagle, designers can indulge in collecting, searching and organising the files better. Since everything will come under one roof, concept artists and graphic designers can easily edit video clips, images and more. With easy collaboration and design, design project management becomes a lot in Eagle.

8. Designer

Affinity Designer is hailed to be one of the most powerful and affordable tools for graphic designers. This cousin of Adobe Illustrator is only $60 which is a one-time subscription fee. The designers can customize a lot of designs in a faster manner and efficiently. Moreover, collaboration is also one of the major features of Affinity Designer.

Impact of These Tools on Easy Designing

Graphic designing is not something which can be done in minutes but requires effort of hours, sometimes even days. With the help of these tools and software, the designing team can collaborate with each other in crafting the perfect design for a brand. Moreover, many of these tools have AI integration that makes the designing process fast and seamless.


Graphic designing has come a long way and changed significantly. This has played an important role in proper branding. Businesses can now visualise their thoughts and messages through design, which tends to impress the audience. All this has been possible because of the seamless collaboration between technology and manual labour.

The combination of human touch and technology is now being taken seriously by graphic designers in Sydney. So, hire graphic design professionals in Sydney from Creato who give equal importance to both aspects. They can help you strengthen the brand image.

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