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Cryptocurrency: The New Mainstream. Should You Invest?

Not a lot of us are familiar with how cryptocurrency works, but we have still heard about it: often creeping up on social media posts while we are scrolling, through ads and newspaper clippings. Getting us curious about how it works. And those who already know how cryptocurrency operates, are actively participating in its trading, mining, earning, and more. Because they are confident about cryptocurrency being the next best thing. 

If you are wondering how cryptocurrency works and what is the hype behind it, we are here to provide you with all the major details. 

Is it Worth Investing in?

The thing about cryptocurrency is that it has always been in an extremely volatile state. Because of its fluctuations and ramifications on a daily basis, it can make anyone really happy or just entirely devastated. There is a popularly held belief that crypto only goes up in value and that makes you wanna get into it, but we don’t recommend such a thought process. Because the crypto world is much more complicated than this and that needs to be understood. 

Historically, cryptocurrencies such as the likes of Bitcoin have always suffered some very serious blows to their value. That has made plenty of people frustrated. But that’s the trick: you keep holding out for when the going gets bad only to be rewarded for it. Hence, if you are going to start investing in cryptocurrency, then you better hold on to your cards. 

We also recommend that you equip yourself with a good internet connection to stay up-to-date about the changes in crypto technology. Xfinity customer service will hook you up with an internet connection that is perfect for this job along with their 24/7 support. 

Crypto –A Big Gold Mine

There are plenty of crypto representatives and the first and prime of them are Bitcoin. There are others like Ethereum, second in place to Bitcoin but catching up fast, DogeCoin, Chainlink, PolkaDot, etc. 

To get an idea of their value, one Ethereum equals approx. $1300. That’s a big number; a currency that isn’t even physically present but still beating out the US dollar and making it reach thousands just to match itself to one Ethereum. That just tells you where Ethereum lies in the crypto world. 

These digital currencies are flexible in trading and if you do get into it, you should carry out the trade smartly, and efficiently and save up quickly. 

How to Get Started

Here’s a tip: you could think of crypto as a self-stabilizing and sentient being. If you take some chunks from it, it’ll only fill up in no time. But if you take bigger ones and somehow unbalance them, you may have caused a considerable difference there. So big that it warrants a good saving for you to build upon. That, in a nutshell, is the case with cryptocurrency or any digital money. 

If you buy Bitcoin, for instance, for $20, then all is well for you but it won’t get you any significant profit. If you want to get your money’s worth and digital savings to keep rising up, then you need to invest more. And that is where it starts; higher stakes mean higher rewards. Though to get started, only buy a sliver of the digital money and watch while it rises over time. 

What Cryptocurrency Should You Go For? 

There are plenty of those out here in the digital space, but check out the ones that we would recommend investing in to make some good money:


Bitcoin is definitely the one king that rules over them all. It may have taken a couple of hits ever since its inception, but this cryptocurrency is still going strong and hasn’t let down a lot of people. If you are in doubt, we recommend going for Bitcoin. 


This digital currency was the first one to introduce smart contracts. These smart contracts allow developers to get freehand in designing and implementing apps and codes for both computer and mobile devices. 

At the moment, Ethereum is being sold everywhere and you can easily find its token online. Investing in Ethereum will not disappoint you in the long term. 


This digital currency was inspired by a meme of a famous Shiba Inu dog, which is why DogeCoin is mostly used for boosting memes or funny content on the internet. Even the second wealthiest person in the world, Elon Musk has endorsed this digital currency.

Wrapping Up

There is still much to understand about how cryptocurrency operates and whether it would be a good idea to invest in it. If you are truly interested in harvesting cryptocurrency and making it your viable savings option, then you need to conduct plenty of research on it. Once you are educated about it, it can turn out to be a good idea for a passive income for you. 

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