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2023 business outlook: outsource these activities to reduce your costs

As we head into 2023, the Australian economy continues to face multiple challenges such as slow economic growth, receding job growth rates and crippling household debts. Until now, the Australian economy has not seen any major economic recession for the past 25 years, which most economic commentators have remarked on as an incredible feat. With a possible economic downturn on its way, business owners should be taking steps to safeguard their businesses against these downward trends.

James Leon, founder and CEO of Printech, suggests that outsourcing activities is one strategy that many businesses can employ to cut their costs in the future. Printech is Australia’s most trusted and reliable B2B printer supplier and print solutions company, with over 2,500 clients around Australia, and is a multi-award winning company.

Outsourcing activities such as accounting, marketing and printer and copier management is a great way to slash your business expenses while improving workplace productivity. On the one hand, it allows your business to still get the work done, on the other hand, you’re getting it a lower cost and often, in a much more efficient way, Leon said.

A recent workplace study found that almost 27 percent of companies already use outsourcing as a cost reduction strategy, and if you are a small business owner, remaining competitive in 2023 is going to be a challenge, so getting the edge over your competitors now through outsourcing is crucial in order to survive and drive growth.”

Content marketing and social media

Handing over your social media and content marketing management to a social media expert is a great strategy because they have the expertise on how to best reach your target audience. They also have the experience and knowledge needed to create engaging content that clients are interested in,” Leon added.

Besides also saving you time, your business will also have the benefit of improved branding and imaging. Successful social media campaigns can really boost your business branding and give you the edge in 2023.”

Printing and copier management

In today’s environmentally conscious climate, companies are conscious that every page printed comes at a cost to the business and the environment. Printech is Australia’s premier printing solutions company,” Leon explained.

Outsourcing printing to companies such as Printech is a great business cost saver. Rather than having an entire suite of printers and copiers, Printech has ‘ready-to-go’ plans and tailored managed print solutions to match your business needs.

We have several printing solutions packages available, such as our popular ‘pay-per-print’ plan, priced at just $99 per month. This includes the monthly rental fee and allows your business to pay for just the jobs that have been printed. It’s a perfect outsourcing solution for small to large businesses. Printer rental is not only cost effective, but also you get upgraded products, free delivery and installation, a low copy cost, and it is even fully tax deductable.”


Slash your overhead costs by outsourcing your accounting to a third-party provider. Small businesses are less complex in structure than large corporations, so outsourcing accounting can often be cheaper for you than hiring an in-house accountant,” Leon said.

Aside from that, your new accountant is likely to improve your current accounting processes, allowing you to get accurate data faster, while also offloading some time-consuming, repetitive tasks.”

Debt collection

Outsourcing debt management and collection to a reputable, trusted professional means that you can spend more time on other processes while all this is handled. This lets you and your team focus on reaching more profitable business goals,” Leon added.

Debt collection can sometimes become a long tedious process, however, these companies can assist you in setting the terms of trade that are clear and beneficial to your business.”


Every business facility needs to be maintained hygienically. Keeping commercial properties clean by outsourcing it to a professional company reduces the workload on your staff and maintains the business image at a high standard,” Leon said.

Commercial cleaning companies will also give you better deals on high quality cleaning supplies. In our post-COVID era, companies are still requiring common areas to be cleaned and sanitised often, for the safety of all.”

Website maintenance

Keeping your company’s website up to date is as important as having one that looks attractive and functions well. Outsourcing this job helps you to monitor your company website’s performance better and ensures that it is functioning to its optimal capacity,” Leon added.

A lot goes on behind the scenes of any company website, for example, creating new content and keeping up to date with security software. In today’s vastly online world, your company website is often a client’s first impression of your business. You could potentially lose clients if your website looks old or isn’t working as it should.”


Outsourcing logistics and transportation management is a real time and money saver for businesses. A third-party logistics provider can simplify logistics processes, which means that your supply chain remains consistent,” Leon emphasised.

These providers have large networks of qualified carriers which gets them better transit times. They also have better equipment like tracking tools and transportation management systems to give your products better visibility in all aspects of shipment from origin to destination. A long-standing and trusted partnership with an external provider gives businesses better operational control through regular reports and analysis.”

Many advantages of outsourcing

After two years of COVID challenges, 2022 was a year of recovery, however this year, we are likely to face a downturn. Business owners need to maintain their focus and map out strategies now to safeguard them against coming hard times. Outsourcing operations such as accounting and printer and copier management are just some easy ways for businesses to cut costs as well as giving businesses the freedom to focus on other core business activities. With increased efficiency and controlled costs, businesses will be well poised to have a greater competitive advantage in 2023.”

About Printech

Printech is a multi-award winning Australian printing solutions and management company founded by multi business owner and entrepreneur James Leon. Printech stocks Toshiba, Fuji Film, Lexmark, HP and Kyocera printers, photocopiers, technology products and supplies. They also offer managed print solutions for companies through a variety of printing solutions packages. Printech provides financing, installation and delivery, customer support and maintenance and upgrades to their clients. Since 2010, Printech has been providing a full variety of print services and solutions across Australia. The company is Australia’s leading technology provider with a customer base of over 2,500 clients.


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