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Style and Comfort with Extra Wide Shoes

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Definition of Extra Wide Shoes

Extra wide shoes are a great solution for people who struggle to find comfortable shoes that fit their feet properly. They are designed to accommodate the extra width and volume of the foot, providing improved comfort and support. The extra width allows your feet to spread out more evenly, reducing pressure points on your toes, heels, and arches.

Benefits of Extra Wide Shoes

Extra wide shoes for women at Cosyfeet Australia have numerous benefits for those with wider feet or those looking for extra comfort during long days on their feet. These include increased support due to the extra width which can reduce strain on joints, improved comfort due to a less snug fit in the toe box area alone with reducing rubbing against other parts of your foot like ankles and sides of toes, better circulation throughout your entire foot as well as added stability when walking or running. Moreover, these types of shoes can help prevent blisters from forming due to friction since there is more room between each toe that would otherwise cause friction when squeezed into a smaller shoe size. Lastly, many brands now offer stylish options in extended sizes so no matter what type of outfit you're wearing you can still look fashionable while wearing an extra-wide shoe size!

History of Extra Wide Shoes

The history of extra wide shoes dates back to the late 19th century when the first designs for extra wide shoes began to appear. In those early days, shoes were made from leather and canvas, but as time passed and technology advanced, a variety of materials were used in the production of extra wide shoes.

Early shoe designers focused on making a wider sole that provided more cushioning and better arch support than traditional styles. This was especially important for those with larger feet or individuals who spent long periods of time standing or walking. To accommodate these needs, various lacing patterns were developed which allowed wearers to adjust the fit of their footwear accordingly.

In addition to improved comfort levels, different styles and fits also began appearing on the market during this period. Some brands opted for a rounded toe design while others adopted an elongated toe shape that provided more room in the forefoot area. Other popular features included higher heels and adjustable straps which enabled wearers to customize their own fit preferences even further.

By the 1950s, manufacturers had begun using materials such as rubber soles which increased traction and stability as well as offering additional shock absorption qualities - particularly beneficial for athletes or anyone who was engaged in physical activities such as running or hiking.

Benefits of Wearing Extra Wide Shoes

Many people suffer from foot pain and discomfort due to ill-fitting shoes. Extra wide shoes provide the perfect solution for this problem as they offer improved comfort and support, as well as reducing the risk of painful blisters or foot injury.

Extra wide shoes are designed for those with wider feet and are available in a range of styles from casual walking shoes to formal dress footwear. This means that anyone with wider feet can enjoy comfortable and stylish footwear that fits perfectly. By providing increased width across the toe area, extra wide shoes eliminate pressure points that cause pain or discomfort when wearing regular widths. In addition, extra wide shoe designs also feature deeper toe boxes which further reduce any cramping in the toes or around the ball of your foot.

The cushioning provided by extra wide shoes helps protect against hard surfaces while walking, running or standing for long periods of time – reducing fatigue and discomfort in your feet throughout the day. The improved fit also reduces friction between your feet and your shoe which can help reduce painful blisters caused by poorly fitting footwear. Furthermore, extra deep heels provide more stability when taking part in physical activity – helping to prevent ankle injuries such as sprains or strains caused by a lack of support when walking on uneven surfaces.

Popular Brands that Offer Extra Wide Women’s Shoes

Extra wide shoes can be hard to find, especially when it comes to women's shoes. Women's feet are typically narrower than men's, and many popular brands don't offer extra-wide widths. However, there are a few major brands that have recognized the need for shoes in wider sizes and have responded by offering extra-wide women’s shoes.

  • New Balance is one of the most popular brands that offers extra-wide women’s shoes. They offer a variety of styles in both medium and wide widths, as well as extra-wide widths for those who need a bit more room in their shoe size. The brand is known for its comfortable sneakers as well as dressy flats and boots. New Balance also has an online store where customers can shop for their specific size and width needs with ease.
  • Nike is another popular brand that offers extra-wide women’s shoes. Their selection includes classic running sneakers along with sandals, slides, wedges, heels and more — all available in both regular and wide sizes. Nike also offers "extended" sizes on select styles which cover up to 4E (extra wide) sizes so customers can find exactly what they need without compromising on style or comfort.


In conclusion, women's extra wide shoes are an important option for women with wide feet who want to stay fashionable and comfortable. They provide a wider width range than regular shoes and come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors to suit any taste. With the right pair of extra wide shoes, any woman can feel confident and stylish regardless of foot size.


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