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How To Protect Yourself from Reckless Motorists

As a driver or a pedestrian on the road, your life could change in a split second the moment you are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, you might be a victim of a reckless motorist on the road. Some of the obvious signs of careless driving include overspeeding, changing lanes too fast, ignoring traffic lights, and failing to signal when changing lanes. Since not everyone is a model citizen on the road, it is your responsibility to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from such lousy drivers. Here are some of the ways to protect yourself from reckless motorists:

Drive during off-peak hours

Suppose you have had a long day at work and can’t wait to go home. You get into your car to drive home, only to get stuck in traffic for one and a half hours. Just as traffic opens up, someone cuts in front of you and doesn’t mind that they almost hit you. A survey from Autoblog USA reveals that heavy traffic is one of the reasons for road rage. Therefore, we suggest you drive when traffic is not too heavy.

Be mindful of other drivers’ blind spots

The proper way to change lanes or turn into a new street is to look into your side mirror before you drive. However, a reckless driver might assume the road is clear and step on the gas. To be safe, we suggest you avoid lingering in another driver’s blind spot. They might not see you and crash into your vehicle. It would also help to remember that commercial trucks have a larger blind spot than personal cars.

Be alert on the road

Once you get used to driving, it becomes almost like second nature. You might be tempted to engage in other activities like texting, eating, or picking up calls while driving. No matter how good you are behind the wheel, it is not safe to multitask. When you are alert, you can easily spot and steer clear of distracted drivers and avoid an accident.

Seek legal help

Even the most careful drivers get into car accidents from time to time. Remember, you are not alone on the road, nor can you control other drivers’ actions. That said, you can control how you react when you get involved in an accident. For instance, it would be smart to talk to a pedestrian accident lawyer if you have been hit by a car as you walk. Your attorney will help you fight for your rights, including helping you file for compensation for the injuries sustained and any damages incurred following the incident.

Stay calm

It is in our human nature to get angry and want to lash out at a reckless driver. You might want to tailgate them and honk your horn so loud to indicate you are upset with them. However, acting on your impulses might worsen the situation and affect other road drivers. We suggest you maintain your composure and avoid taking their actions personally.

Do not revenge

A reckless driver could cut you off aggressively instead of waiting for an opening on the road. One simple act of revenge can trigger their anger, such as flipping them off or overtaking them so you can cut them off. Before you know it, they are charging toward you and hitting you deliberately. Since at least one driver ought to be level-headed on the road, it had better be you. If someone wrongs you on the road, ignore them and let them pass.

Maintain a safe distance

You never know when the driver in front of you might hit the brakes. According to the law, you are in the wrong if you slam into someone else’s vehicle from behind. Therefore, we advise you to maintain ample distance between you and the driver in front of you. You are too close if you cannot see the driver’s licence plate and the rear bumper.

Tap your brakes lightly

A careless driver might be driving too fast behind you and exerting pressure for you to pick up the pace. However, nobody should make you drive at a speed you are uncomfortable with, especially if you maintain the speed limit. You could lightly step on the brakes to indicate you have no intentions of slowing down. The other driver could switch to another lane and overtake you or slow down to match your pace.

Final remarks

In addition to the severe legal repercussions, reckless driving causes numerous deaths and injuries on the road. As you implement the tips discussed above, ensure you take safety precautions as a driver or pedestrian on the road.


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