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How To Unify Your Company’s Office Space and Devices

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The various professionals you have working in your company's office might not have much in common when they start their shifts. They likely come from very different backgrounds and walks of life. Depending on their roles in the company office, they might even have very different job responsibilities and experiences while working there. However, you want to unify them as much as possible. One way to do that is by unifying the office space as much as possible. Another is the unification of company devices to the common goals.

Unified Office Decor

Your company office should have visual aesthetics and decor that are as unified as possible. That doesn't necessarily mean doing the same thing over and over, however. Your employees would likely never forgive you if everything was just repeating shades of beige eternally throughout a cubicle city.

Breaking things up is crucial. In fact, if you're still using cubicles, you might want to consider them. A design that is more open concept should be favored. If you have a lot of employees working on laptops, then you might not even want to assign everyone a permanent desk or station. Let them move around as they want during the day so they have different views, seating positions, and background noises.

Pick two or three primary or complementary colors for all your decor in the office, and then stick to them as closely as possible. These will apply to not just the furniture, but also the flooring, walls, and ceilings.

Hiring an interior decorator can be a smart move before you do anything. While there are plenty of DIY techniques, there are trained and experienced professionals who don't just stage homes for better resale value but also know how to set up a company office for heightened morale and productivity.

Laptop Branding

Customized laptop skins can be used to unify departments and teams. Laptop skins make it easy to mark certain laptops as being company property, and they also protect those same laptops from scuffing and scratching. Employees who might have both company laptops and their own personal laptops will have an easier time identifying which is which just by looking at them. They can be a fun way to add to the lively decor at your workstations, but they're also a branding opportunity that might stimulate conversation in parks or coffee shops where employees work out of the office.

Your Company Office Intranet

According to Chron, company office intranets have been around since approximately 1994. While they were used for a long time to link up the desktop computers in an office, they now include servers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Your employees can use these to do their work when they come in. However, they can also access your company office intranet remotely.

There are many advantages to unifying your company devices with such an implementation. You can buy or lease utilities, apps, features, and software that you install across the entire intranet for everyone to use. This can range from office apps to videoconferencing software that team members use for group meetings.

With the right technology, your employees working in the office most of the time can continue working on their projects when not in the office. Hybrid workers that spend some days in the office but other days working remotely can pick up where they left off digitally regardless of where they physically are. Fully remote workers can contribute just as much as anyone else, no matter where they are, even if they're in another time zone.

Keep People Around

The labor market is seriously tight these days, and your company office might not be the only place struggling to retain talent. In a time where employees can find pay and benefits nearly anywhere, what many of them are looking for is purpose and meaning in their work.

When you unify both technology and office aesthetics at the same time, you help all your team members feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves. That might just be the sort of fulfillment and community spirit they need to stick around your company even longer than they might have otherwise planned.


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