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How Composite Decking Can Greatly Enhance Your Garden

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Every homeowner is continuously looking for ways to improve the appearance and value of their property; hence, numerous solutions abound. However, determining the proper measure for your home and needs can be difficult. This is because each measure takes into account the material that will be used to improve the appearance of the home as well as the pressure the materials will be subjected to as a result of how they will perform in the home.

The addition of composite decking is one measure that has captured the imagination of many homeowners. Adding a deck is one method to increase the value and beauty of a house while also creating a practical space. The deck is a versatile location that may be utilised for a variety of activities ranging from relaxation to special occasions. Aside from their versatility, the beauty of decks is that they can be mixed with other measures while still providing equal benefit.

Adding a deck to a garden blends the natural beauty of gardens with the distinctive beauty of decks. Furthermore, putting garden decking is one home improvement option that the homeowner can accomplish if they have the necessary know-how and expertise. This post will highlight important ideas to assist homeowners when installing Decking to their gardens.

What to Consider When Adding Decking to A Garden

When adding composite decking boards to a landscape, there are several elements to consider, including:

1) Decking style: There are essentially three decking styles, which are as follows:

Classic decking style: This style is best suited for tiny spaces since it emphasises clean lines and simplicity. It can, however, be employed on broad areas. The style is typically wood stained in simple colours or varnished.

Contemporary style: These styles are exclusive to modern-day home designs, but they can also be employed in traditional ones. The design incorporates a mix of glass and metal components.

Traditional styles: these include elaborate curving balustrades and natural wood materials; also, it is appropriate for traditional homes and can be used in classic garden styles.

2) Preparation: Following the selection of a style for your garden, the following element to consider is the time invested in attaining your ideal deck for your garden. When planning, the homeowner wants to make sure they have all of the necessary tools and materials for the deck. Among these materials and tools are:

    • Wood for the frames and stakes

    • Decking and railings

    • Weed suppressing fabrics

    • Decking screws, nails, or staples, and a nail gun.

    • Measuring tape

    • Spirit level

    • Screwdrivers

    • Concrete slab

    • Miter and jigsaw

    • Wood preserver (preferably weatherproof)

How to Composite Decking to a Garden

This is a step-by-step guide on building a garden deck:

  1. Remove any weeds, studs, stones, or other objects that may block the procedure.

  2. Compaction of loose soil

  3. Weed-suppressing cloth should be used to prevent weeds from sprouting and damage the deck.

  4. Using ordinary concrete slabs, a spirit level, and wooden frames, build a levelled, strong foundation.

  5. Build a strong wooden frame with supporting joists facing the direction the decking will be laid.

  6. Cut the decking planks to size and arrange them as desired. Screws are used to hold the planks in place.

  7. Fit the larger rails first, then the smaller posts. Check if the rails are stable.

  8. Using varnish or stain, polish or paint your Decking to achieve the desired look.


This article offers a complete guide for homeowners who want to build decks to their gardens.


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