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The first date through a man’s eyes: What to wear

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Meeting a girl off the Internet is quite a stressful event, which is often too unpredictable. Probably, you want to make a good impression on your companion and try to choose the best outfit. When dating women from Ukraine, it’s important to make proper preparation, including the selection of clothes that emphasize your dignity. 

It would seem that men should not pay attention to appearance. Today, however, the situation looks somewhat different. Girls, like men, want to see a neatly dressed person next to them. For this reason, don’t leave the study of the wardrobe until the last moment and take advantage of practical advice from experts.

Rules for choosing an outfit for a first date

Clothing preferences vary from person to person, so you can’t expect too much detailed advice on choosing clothes. However, some rules apply to all men who start preparing for their first dating Slavic women. 

Memorize the rules as best as you can, because they will be useful in your life more than once: 

- Wear a watch. The use of accessories allows you to complete any look. The cost of the watch doesn’t play an important role, because the point is to interest the girl with your attractive appearance.

- Choose neutral colors. The first date will go much better if you refuse to use bright colors in your clothes. White, gray, and blue will make the look stylish and down-to-earth.

- Clean your shoes. Rushing to get ready can play against you, so take the time to clean your chosen pair of shoes beforehand. Removing dirt and polishing your shoes will increase your status in the eyes of a girl.

- Apply cologne. Although perfumes have little to do with the topic of choosing clothes, you should not forget about them. A pleasant fragrance will allow you to conquer the Slavic girl and make your look easy to remember.

-Wear quality underwear. It should fit your figure and look good. This little detail will make you more confident, and on occasion – will not let you fall face down in the mud.

Attention to detail will create a beautiful image and surprise your companion. The choice of clothes depends on the place where the meeting will be held. If you have invited your chosen one to a restaurant, you shouldn’t dress in a sporty style. You can stop on jeans and your favorite shirt. In the cold season, you can wear a warm sweater and feel much more confident. 

Comfort during the meet plays an important role. For this reason, choose cozy clothes. Such a decision will allow you to feel confident, regardless of the situation.

Don’t want to look messy? Prepare your capsule wardrobe in advance and wear it to your first meeting. 

Common mistakes when choosing an outfit 

It’s easy to ruin a well-thought image. You forget about shining your shoes, and the evening is wasted. However, several errors seem hardly noticeable to men and mean nothing. Girls, on the contrary, tend to pay attention to details and easily notice their flaws. 

The desire to attract the attention of a pretty Ukrainian lady shouldn’t push you to choose bright outfits. Your girlfriend should see you, and not study what you are wearing. Rejecting non-standard color solutions increases your chances of getting consent for a second date. 
Sweatshirts are relevant at any time of the year, but still not suitable for the first meeting. It’s worth leaving the hoodie until the next meetings, rather than demonstrating it off whenever possible. Opt for a sweater or denim jacket, but forget about your favorite sweatshirt for a while. 

Shoes with an open toe are hardly relevant in the city. Such models are more suitable for walking along the beach or outdoor recreation.  In other cases, it’s better to wear light loafers or shoes that remain fashionable for many years. 

Men may think that a tie shows their serious attitude, but this is not so. It’s as if you’re hinting at the formality of the event and turning from a loving man into a director of an enterprise. Opt for a suit if you plan to go to a restaurant, or combine the shirt with jeans.

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