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Top 5 Best Social Listening Tools of 2022

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In today’s world, social media plays a key role in promoting commercial brands and various businesses. It is necessary to make the most of each platform in spreading the word about your business. In addition to strengthening your social media presence, you should also take utilizing an efficient social listening tool into consideration. If you are not yet familiar with the social listening concept, this post will help you understand more about it.

The definition of social media listening

Social media listening, or simply social listening, refers to the process of monitoring and analyzing everything social media users write about a specific service, product, brand, or business. This happens when you launch a project or a campaign to listen to what people are saying about your business. Typically, this doesn’t happen by monitoring billions of active accounts all over the world at the same time. But social media listening tools detect when users write specific keywords or include hashtags related to your brand or business.

When internet users talk about a specific product on social media, a lot of data is generated. Your business needs this data to assess its success and popularity. Also, you need this to know how to take your business to the next level based on your target audience's conversations. One of the prettiest things about social listening is that you can benefit from it even if people are not talking about your business directly. If users are talking about or reacting to your competition, you can still have access to massive amounts of unprocessed or unstructured data.

The importance of social media listening

Social media listening tools are not a one-size-fits-all. They come in various shapes and abilities. For instance, there are free tools with limited abilities and pricy ones that take your listening project to a whole new level. But their main purpose, anyway, is to provide you with an idea about how people see your products. You can consider it a type of market study that you need before launching a new product or service or before you expand your market to a new area. Efficient social listening tools allow you to take the pulse of not only existing clients but potential ones as well.

The top five social listening tools for 2022

Now it is about time to start choosing the right tool for your social media listening. And with numerous options out there, you get to be a bit confused about picking the best one. But here are the top 5 tools that have proven efficient and credible among various users:


This listening tool can help you take your customer service and support to a whole new level. It uses the finest AI technologies to keep track of all conversations related to a brand all over social media. This platform allows you to be in control of your online image, as you can always know how and why people are talking about your business. It is more than pure monitoring; SentiOne provides analysis of everything said about your brand. This way, you can keep up the positive aspects and immediately take proper action whenever there are negative rumors. There are three types of subscription plans offered by SentiOne Each of them covers the needs of business of all types and sizes. The monthly cost of a team plan subscription of SentiOne starts at $299, and you can get a free trial to see what is waiting for you.


This is a preferred choice by thousands of businesses all over the world. This tool enables you to communicate with your existing and potential customers on various platforms. The tool lets you track certain phrases all over social media. You can use the data collected by this platform to make necessary reports. The platform is not difficult to use but can be confusing at first. However, once you get used to it, you can easily navigate through it. You can choose between 2 different packages from Brandwatch. And the average cost ranges from $800 to $3,000. This is why many users consider it a bit pricy. You can try it for free using the trial version too.

Brand 24 

This is a great tool for brand monitoring on social media. The platform’s abilities work for all types and sizes of businesses. It allows you to know exactly how people are reacting to your brand name. The starting package plan costs $49 per month, which makes it an ideal choice for a starting business. The tool’s panel lets you get feeds on brand mentions and relevant hashtags. The mentions feed on this tool is not just about providing numbers. It helps you evaluate the nature of these mentions, whether they were bad, good, or neutral. In addition to mentions analysis, the tool lets you identify influencers who believe in your brand. This can be helpful in targeting them in order to use their influence for your business’s best interests.


This one has been around since 2008. This social media tracking tool helps you become fully aware of what is being said about you. The functions of Hootsuite streams don’t only give you access to your brand mentions, but your competitors as well. You can customize this function as you wish. This enables you to engage in relevant social discussions. The prices for Hootsuite's monthly packages range between $49 and $599. So, you can find everything from basic to premium features for social listening and analyzing.


Users of this platform never complain about difficulty in using this tool, even in the beginning. Many professional social media marketers give AgoraPulse high praise. Pricing plans start with $79 for pro package. As for premium package, it costs $199 per month. The tools works on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. There is a trial version too. You can use the tool in organizing everything related to managing and monitoring your social media presence. You can easily find the option of social listening and you can easily set up the phrases and words you want to track in social discussions.


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