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Why You Should Never Be Ashamed of Cosmetic Treatments

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Imagine you’re living in Queensland and there’s something about your skin that has always bothered you such as a mole, a birthmark, or another issue. It has always made you self-conscious, but you then go to look for a skin care studio in Brisbane that might be able to help you. As you make an appointment, a friend or family member suddenly stops you, telling you not to bother and to just “be happy with who you are.”

That friend or family member might think that they’re being supportive, but in reality they are being quite dismissive, and even judgemental. It’s a kind of shaming tactic, when you think about it, however good their intentions initially were. Here’s why you should never let such tactics work and never be ashamed of getting cosmetic treatments on our skin or other parts of your body:

Your Body, Your Choice

First of all, it’s your body we are talking about, and others do not and should not have any say or sway in what you want to do with it. For decades, social and legal battles have been fought to fight for people’s rights --- especially women’s rights --- for bodily autonomy, and the right to pursue choices that help them to feel as good outside as inside.

People will always see some cosmetic treatments and surgeries as frivolous, perhaps wasteful, and perhaps they’ll even say they’re unnecessary, but frankly they can’t speak for you. If you know this is something you want, and you feel it’s something you need to help you get where you want to be in life, then it’s your choice to make.

Technology and Techniques Have Improved

The scientific and technological side of cosmetic treatment has come leaps and bounds since the heady days of the 1970s and 1980s. The aggressive, drug-driven approaches of yesteryear don’t wash anymore, with doctors and researchers working on more natural, organic, safe methods and techniques that are more in tune with the body’s natural state. Therefore, you needn’t ever feel shame about making use of such treatments. These are technologies that help people.

It Can Restore Confidence

How many people in the world are being held back because of something they feel is wrong with their appearance? It could well be something that a cosmetic treatment could quickly change, but they feel equally ashamed about taking such treatment. That’s just a Catch-22 no-win situation right there.

Cosmetic treatments are instrumental in restoring people’s confidence and helping them feel whole again. That lack of confidence isn’t just a question of vanity, either. Losing one’s confidence can be the first step towards a more serious and lasting case of anxiety and depression.

No One Else Can Fully Understand or Appreciate Your Story

If you were to tell someone about a cosmetic treatment that you’re interested in, they may scoff at you and say how silly or needless it is. However, don’t forget that your interest and choice to get that treatment is based on the sum of all your life experience, thought and reflection up to that point. That person scoffing at you --- whether they claim it’s in your best interest or not --- doesn’t know the full story and likely couldn’t appreciate it because you’ve no time to explain. You know yourself best, so it’s good and right to trust your instincts.

You Can Help Remove Existing Stigmas

Finally, countless people who could benefit from cosmetic treatments don’t get them because of existing social stigmas that exist against them. Every time you choose to get a treatment, and do so proudly without shame, you help take a bite out of every stigma that still exists out there in society.


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