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How Does Video AI People Counting Work?

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In many public areas like schools, stadiums and shopping areas, it may be vital to limit the number of people who are inside at one time to prevent overcrowding and ensure safety. Business owners may also need to count the number of people entering their premises to gain insights into customer behavior and keep track of inventory.

Video AI people counting can automatically calculate the number of people in a given area in these scenarios. This technology uses computer vision algorithms to automatically detect and track people moving around in a video stream. If you want to know how it works, this article is meant for you. Keep reading.

How AI Video People Counting Technology Works

The rise of AI and Data platform development has led to the surfacing of some fantastic new capabilities, including the ability to count people in a video. This tool can be used for various purposes, including security, monitoring foot traffic, and even marketing. It can also improve the accuracy of people counting in video surveillance footage.

So, how does this technology work? Essentially, it relies on computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect people. These algorithms can identify people by their body shape and movement patterns. Once they have been identified, the algorithm will track their movements to determine how many people are present.

This technology is still in its early stages but shows a lot of promise. It will likely become more widespread as it continues to develop and become more accurate. Going by the trends, it also appears that AI video people counting will soon become a common tool used in various settings, including in construction machinery.

Settings Where AI Video People Counting Technology Can Be Used

This technology can be used to count people in many settings. Some of these include:

Retail Stores

Monitoring traffic in and out of a retail store can give managers essential insights into customer behavior. For example, if there is a sudden spike in traffic, it could be indicative of a sale or promotion that is drawing in customers. On the other hand, a decrease in traffic could signal that customers are going elsewhere to make their purchases. Through people counting AI technology, store managers can track traffic patterns and make the necessary adjustments to staffing, inventory, and other aspects of operations.

Infrastructure Planning

Government agencies and companies need to know the number of people at certain locations to make wise infrastructure planning decisions. For example, the number of people using a particular subway station during rush hour can help planners design a more efficient system.


You’ll agree that keeping people secure in crowded places can be difficult. That’s why assassins and terrorists often find soft targets like shopping malls and subways to be the perfect places to strike. The good news is that video AI people counting technology can help with security. They can be integrated with surveillance cameras to help identify potential threats and direct security personnel to them. They can also monitor the flow of people in and out of an area, which can help identify areas that may need more security.

Finding People in Times of Disasters

Disasters can strike without warning and cause widespread devastation. After these events, it’s crucial to account for all the people who have been affected. Although this can be daunting, video people counting AI solutions can make it easier. These gadgets can scan video footage of an area and use machine learning algorithms to detect and count the people present. This information can then be used to help relief efforts by estimating how many people need assistance. It can also help in locating missing persons.

Methods Used by Video People Counting AI Technology

Video people counting AI solutions use various techniques to detect and track people. These include:

Object Detection

These devices have scanners that can detect human figures by their heat signature or the shape of their silhouette. The infrared sensor can also detect people behind objects. Once the people are detected, the device tracks their movement.

Background Subtraction

In this technique, the background is subtracted from each video frame, leaving objects in motion. It can assist in detecting people as they move in and out of the camera’s field of view.

Motion Detection

This is a commonly used technology for counting people. A camera is pointed towards the area to be monitored, and an algorithm is used to detect any moving objects. The algorithm looks for changes in pixels between frames, and if it detects enough changes, it can determine that something is moving. The algorithm can also be configured to ignore certain types of objects, such as animals or vehicles.

The main advantage of motion detection is that it can be used with any type of camera, including CCTV cameras. It is also relatively simple to set up and requires no special hardware. However, motion detection accuracy can be affected by several factors, such as lighting conditions and the type of objects in the scene.

Wrapping Up

The creation of AI video people counting software has improved the accuracy of estimating people in videos. This technology offers many benefits to businesses, government agencies, and organizations that need to track large groups of people. With the increase in demand for safety and security and the need for more effective crowd control, this technology will only become more widespread in the coming years.


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