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From startup, to business success, Alf the label

It all started with one bag

From startup, to business success, Alf the label has sold $3.3million in bags and accessories in six short years. So what’s next?

Australian luxury baby bag and lifestyle accessories brand, Alf the Label has grown from one signature leather baby bag to a range of 200 products since inception. With a product base spanning across athleisure, work bags and accessories, the business is now looking to scale up its operations to reach more customers globally. 

Alf the Label was created by CEO and Creative Director, Sophie Doyle, when she was unable to find a high quality, genuine-leather baby bag, while she was pregnant with her daughter. Since 2016, Alf has now sold more than 26,000 products worldwide, with over 15,000 of those orders sent to 26 countries across the globe.  In recent months, Alf has continued its success with a curated selection of Alf items now available via Australia’s largest online retailer, THE ICONIC.

Alf’s business advances and new launches are inspired by feedback from the brand's dedicated and loyal community, and from Sophie’s own journey, from transitioning from motherhood, to being a full time working mum. Her journey inspired her to create collections for her family, including introducing a gender neutral, Athleisure range for her husband and other dads, and the Mini & Me collection, where she could design matching bags for her and her children. All of Alf’s bags are designed for functionality first without compromising on style and are made from the highest quality materials, as part of their dedication to the slow fashion movement. 

CEO and Creative Director, Sophie Doyle said that a lot of her business success can be credited  to the very dedicated and loyal community that Alf has established globally, who genuinely love the brand.  

“Alf has an active community of over 50,000 across Instagram, Facebook and more recently TikTok, who are always wanting to know what’s next for Alf. These conversations are authentic, and are usually about mum life, so are very relatable. However, in these conversations we also find out what our customers really want, so we then tailor our plans and launches to what they would buy.   

It’s exciting to think how many parents we could reach globally. We've had bags and accessories that have sold out within days, often selling through shipments on pre-order, before they have reached our warehouse.  

There isn’t much like Alf around the world. Alf was born out of a need to fill a gap in the market; to provide parents with a baby bag that was both stylish and functional. In the past 4 years alone, Alf has experienced a 916% growth in revenue, which is pretty unique for a small business headquartered out of WA. 

We are the trailblazers in our category, having inspired competitors to emerge in this space. It’s been exciting to watch this industry grow and evolve, along with Alf,“ Sophie said.

In order to meet the growing domestic and international demand for Alf, the homegrown label will be seeking crowdfunding via the Birchal CSF platform to support their business expansion. This will include bolstering their inventory, growing their local team and increasing their marketing efforts globally, so that Alf can expand its offering further into the international market. New and experienced investors are encouraged to visit the Birchal platform to find out more: 

Alf the Label Birchal profile: 

Further information on Alf the Label


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