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AR Face Filter: Creating Apps for IOS and Android

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How to create an app with the AR Face Filter for IOS and Android platforms?

Augmented reality is used in many sectors, from social networks to business projects. The technology is quite complex, its development and implementation in an application can take six months or more. To avoid wasting time, we suggest using a ready-to-use tool - AR Face Filter. It will help you change the image (apply makeup, pick up a new hair color), add avatars or unique effects, and apply game filters.

Android AR face filter: Key Steps to Building an App

One of the most popular modules for creating an augmented reality SDK is Banuba. Let's use it as an example to see how to create and run a demo version for Android.

First, check the software's compliance. You are required to have Android 6.0, as well as the latest versions of Android Studio, Gradle, and NDK. If everything is fine, then follow the instructions:

  • Send a message to the company's managers to provide a trial version. You will receive a tools archive including the Banuba Effect Player and the Android project folder ("src"). The latter contains demo apps, which can be found in src/app and src/offscreen. Also the token-trial valid for 14 days is provided. You'll find it by entering the following adress: src/app/src/main/java/com/banuba/sdk/demo/ You will have time to test all the functionality of the module during two weeks and see if it meets your needs.
  • To create a demo application, import the Android project into the "src" folder located in Android Studio. Then, select the desired application and build option. So, "Debug" is for tweaking and profiling while the software is running. "Release" is used to test the application planned for release.

If you want to integrate the module into your existing software to test the interaction, follow these steps:

  • Get the latest version of the SDK and a demo token. The latter is active for 14 days.
  • Login to the module archive and copy the aar files to the "libs" folder (BNBEffectPlayer/bin/banuba_sdk/banuba_sdk-release.aar => quickstart-android/libs/ BNBEffectPlayer/banuba_effect_player-release.aar => quickstart-android/libs/).
  • Highlight the token, copy it and paste it into the specified section (quickstart-android/client_token/com/banuba/sdk/example/common/BanubaClient)..
  • In Android Studio, open the ready project and activate the necessary targeting with the usual methods.

Following the recommendations, you can test the Android AR face filter and check its compatibility with the existing applications.

Creating an app with an augmented reality module on iOS

To use the iOS AR face filter, you need an iPhone 5s or newer and an iOS version 10.0 or later. If the parameters are met, you should follow these steps:

Download the module. To get the latest version of the SDK, write to the managers. You'll get an iOS archive that includes the Banuba XCFramework effects player (BanubaEffectPlayer.xcframework), a project called BanubaSdk Xcode, and examples of available effects. Additionally, you will receive a token. You will find it by entering the following address: src/BanubaSdk/BanubaSdkApp/BanubaSdkApp/BanubaClientToken.swift. The validity period is exactly 14 days. There is enough time to get acquainted with all the features of the toolkit.

Create a demo application. All the actions are carried out in XCode. You can get detailed instructions from the managers.

To understand how the module works when implementing it in an already existing app, do the following:

  • Get the archive with the tools by contacting the managers.
  • Open it, create copies of BanubaEffectPlayer.xcframework and the BanubaSdk project folder, then add them to Frameworks.
  • Move the client token to the designated section.
  • Activate the SDK.

The process is simple, but you can always contact the Banuba support team if you have any problems. They will give you detailed instructions to help you complete the task.

Where are AR Face Filter apps used?

Applications based on the AR Face Filter are indispensable for creating high-quality content. They are used in many fields, including:

  • Social networks. TikTok, Likee, Instagram and other projects are popular all over the world. To attract an audience, you need original content of high quality. You can create it using face masks and filters.
  • Video Communications. Conferences, business meetings, and discussion of working points have been taken to a new level. Video communication is used for this purpose. Augmented reality helps to focus on the conversation or bring positive emotions into everyday discussions.
  • Games. It presents a vast functionality. For example, you can add funny avatars, use augmented reality for monetization or apply it as a non-contact user interface.
  • The beauty and health industry. Content from the "Before and After'' category is relevant these days. For example, using augmented reality in FaceYoga's offers, you can view the results that are expected after a certain number of exercises.
  • Online commerce. You can use new technology to offer customers a virtual product try-on experience. For example, cosmetics, wigs, shoes, etc.

You can also use augmented reality to significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare for a photo or video shoot. For example, there is no need to apply makeup or choose a background. Appropriate tools are provided for this purpose.

Face AR SDK: Key Features ?

Creating original content is one of the conditions for business promotion. The higher quality and more interesting your photos and videos are, the more customers will be attracted. By using augmented reality, you will increase your reach and territory of presence many times over. This is important if you want to become a segment leader. So, the main features of the software based on the face filter SDK are the following:

  • Makeup. You don't have to spend time on it in real life. By choosing a suitable option in the program, you can look at the highest level.
  • Change your hair color. Every day you get a new look - what could be more fun? Today it's snow-white curls, tomorrow it's a fiery red braid. The choice is huge, so no one will be bored.
  • Changing the parameters of the face. Positive mood is ensured to all who choose this filter. Small eyes, a huge mouth, and that's not all the options.
  • Creating a beautiful image. With the help of filters, you can tighten the oval of the face, and improve the color of the skin.
  • Triggers. They are previously programmed scripts that are activated by a certain action. For example, when you smile, butterflies appear.
  • Background changes. The filter is relevant for video conferences and photo/video shoots. You do not have to look for the right place. What you have in the background no one will see.
  • Avatars. Funny characters are the creative possibilities of filters. They replace your image while completely replicating your head movement and facial expressions.
  • Try-on. Ideal option for Internet-shops. Cosmetics, glasses, hats, scarves - any goods are suitable..
  • Filters for games. Users will be able to control their characters with their faces. Different expressions contribute to the activation of certain actions.
  • Frame effects. A unique opportunity to add magic and uncommonness to your video. Effects are attached to the face so as not to obscure it.

With multiple filters, you'll create the kind of content that takes your brand to the next level.

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