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History of the Gucci Logo

At the beginning of the last century, the fashion industry got acquainted with high-quality and exclusive things.

All the fashionistas of the world have heard about the new Gucci brand. I'll tell you about its creation.

Gucci is a well-known Italian brand. It produces luxury women's and men's clothing, as well as accessories, decorative cosmetics and perfumes.

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Brand building

The founder of the Gucci Fashion House is Florentine Guccio Gucci. The fashion house opened its doors in 1904. 

Little is known about his family. He was from an ordinary, modest family. My father made and sold elite women's hats.

A man in his youth worked as a waiter in London hotels, saw beautiful leather suitcases and bags of visitors and was inspired by the idea to create his own production.

The man soon returned to his homeland in Italy and opened his workshop, where he made boots, suitcases and saddles for riding. The jockeys' suits and horse harness were of high quality. Attributes for equestrian sports from Gucci, made of high-quality material, quickly won the love and recognition of riders. People chose them for competitions. Rumors about the brand are gradually spreading throughout Europe. The color of the products was classic black, brown and white. But then the products acquired other colors. The color scheme has expanded. Bright colors were also in demand among people. 

Logo change history

In 1938, he opened the first point in the capital Rome. The business was gaining momentum and soon in 1947 released the first women's bag, the handles were made of bamboo.Bags, suitcases, gloves were liked by people of different ages.

The logo with a double "G" appeared in 1933. It was invented by one of Gucci's sons, Aldo Gucci. The first capital letters of the father's name and surname became the brand logo. 

During the Second World War, due to economic decline and lack of funds, difficulties arose in the supply of leather. The company remained under the threat of closure, since it was leather that was used for the production of goods. The founder of the brand found an alternative to leather, agreed on the supply of Neapolitan hemp and flax, so miraculously the company survived and expanded.

Gucci's children actively helped their father expand the factory.

After Guccio's death, in 1953, the business he founded passed to his sons Aldo and Rodolfo. They received 50% of the company each. Aldo moved from Italy to the USA, expanded his father's business, opened stores in New York in the elite area of Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue. London and Paris. And later in the 1960s-in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

In the 1960s-1970s, Gucci was at the peak of popularity, thanks to such names as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Actresses, singers and wives of presidents dressed in Gucci clothes. More and more celebrities chose the Gucci brand. We valued things for comfort and quality. Comfort and quality were Gucci's priorities.

Green and red colors under the brand name appeared in the early 1970s. 20 years later, in 1993, an improved fork of the Gucci logo appeared.  

The two capital letters G are turned towards each other and intertwined. Above the letters is the surname of the creator of the brand. The inscription is made in capital letters.

The brand name has changed a little now, sometimes you can notice that the logo is painted in golden color.

Today, the owner of a bag, clothing or other wardrobe item from the Gucci brand is assigned the status of luxury and prosperity. Owners of fashionable things are willing to pay thousands of dollars for an exclusive model. The annual trade turnover is 10 billion US dollars. A colossal brand that has won the hearts of millions of fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. The Gucci brand is not aging, but on the contrary is gaining momentum, releasing new items, from headgear to socks and shoes. From sunglasses to wristwatches. Up to personal hygiene items and decorative cosmetics. Luxury items are appreciated and loved by fashionistas all over the world.

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