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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Commercial Patio Umbrellas

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A right-picked commercial patio umbrella can both add a stylish flair to your outdoor area and protect your guests from the harsh summer sun. However, finding the right option is a little harder than meets the eye. There are some factors that you should consider to avoid safety hazards and unnecessary extra expenses. To this end, we have prepared a list of the most common mistakes when purchasing this type of outdoor restaurant equipment.

List of Common Mistakes Leading to the Purchase of the Wrong Patio Umbrella

Sometimes, owners make a decision to pick commercial patio umbrellas without proper research or advice. Here is a list of mistakes to avoid:

  1. Thinking that every fabric will fit your needs. Buying the logo patio umbrellas, you should pay attention to the durability of the material and its resilience to local weather conditions.
  2. Choosing thin poles made from steel – they could easily break and get rust. Consider picking aluminum poles because they are both moisture- and rust-resistant.
  3. Buying an umbrella with the water fill bases. Such bases can be cheaper, but they are not stable enough. Give preference to concrete, cast iron, and steel bases.
  4. Purchasing umbrellas of a static design. Pick patio umbrellas with movable bases, swivel, and tilting mechanisms. This way, you’ll have an opportunity to control shade and easily move them.
  5. Picking an umbrella that is difficult to operate. If a windproof umbrella requires a lot of effort or strength to open and close, it will be left open for too long, which can be dangerous during windy weather.

Commercial Patio Umbrellas

What Else Should You Pay Attention to?

Setting up your outdoor dining environment, think thoroughly about what space you’d like to create. Depending on that, you can play with umbrella size and canopy type. Don’t forget to inquire about the sun protection features of the umbrella and its ability to accumulate dirt.


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