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Hire Remote Software Developer-Is It Worth The Investment?

Remote developers are trending all over the world to meet the talent shortage. Mitrais software development team outsources developers to Australian, Singaporean, and Indonesian companies. It allows organizations to focus on their core business projects and tasks, yet saving their precious time and energy.

Remote software developers enhance product development and augment team talent while staying within your budget.

Accomplishing business goals is a concerning issue for many companies due to the high competition. It is one of the reasons many companies prefer hiring remote software developers. No matter if you need to create a bespoke application or update and maintain an existing codebase, Mitrais has you covered.

Expected Outcomes Of Hiring

In recent years, companies have shifted towards remote collaborations. One of the most evident pros of hiring remote developers is cost reduction. Remote developers allow companies to cut expenses on equipment, rent, software, taxes, and furniture.

It is evident from research that remote developers are highly productive, effective, and experienced. Once you decide to hire remote software developer, it doesn’t matter where to hire talents. You can hire developers from any state or city that don’t overflow your budget.

Around the world, one of the top concerns of companies is the shortage of talent, and remote developers can fill this talent gap perfectly. Local developers may lack expertise and can be expensive. In such scenarios, hire a software development team from anywhere in the world is the best option available.

Outsourcing companies like Mitrais help augment your team with specialists and hire full-time software engineers. Remote work allows hiring globally and attracting diverse developers with a boatload of skills and expertise.

Flexibility is another merit of hiring remote developers. You can hire more developers globally without stressing over the office size and recruitment time.

Get The Best Technology Solutions

The best technology solutions lie in hiring a skilled and experienced remote developer. The hiring process involves some preparation.

1. Define Project Requirements

First and foremost, determine your project requirements and consider the platforms your app will run on. Defining the requirements involves project description and defining the core features of your product. It will help you enlist what expertise you need. Before you begin searching for a remote developer, determine the core language for your project, as different platforms require different languages to run the apps.

2. Available Hiring Options

There are three main hiring options you have to choose from when it comes to hiring remote developers. Dig into each option to ensure picking the one which reflects your project goals the most.


Freelance developers serve you the best if you have a small project and possess a specialist on your site to manage your project. It is cheaper than in-house developers, as the equipment and office space are entirely free of cost.

Another advantage of the freelance developer is the freedom to scale the development team depending on the project requirements.

One of the cons of freelance developers is their lack of loyalty and difficulty controlling. It is advisable to pick specialists with a good reputation to avoid failure of project completion.


If you need assistance in multiple projects and desire to hire full-time remote employees, then this option is for you. In-house developers control the entire development process of your company. However, it might be a challenging task and a bit more expensive than its alternatives.

Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing companies help to augment your team with remote developers to help you expand your in-house team. At Mitrais, we have assembled a team according to the project’s needs. One of the merits of hiring a dedicated development team is the attainment of constant services.

3. Hiring Destination

If you have decided on hiring remote developers, prefer hiring specialists from other countries. Outsourcing companies have the advantage that they save your time and provide you with experienced developers. They will help you manage your financial and legal issues, and build development contracts.


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