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Is Laser Acne Scarring Treatment Painful?

Acne is caused by imperfections of the human body. The leading cause is hair follicles along with the surrounding glands. An oily substance is secreted by them called sebum which keeps hair lubricated. When there is too much keratin, which is hair protein and sebum they may block the ducts and create an ideal environment for C. acne bacteria. That is the bacterium that causes the outbreak of acne, which starts the process of the body trying to itself through the production of collagen connective tissue.

There are both store-bought and home remedies that are available. There are also other therapies, including dermabrasion, injectable fillers, and micro-needling. If those treatments do not work, an alternative solution is available called laser treatment. A laser is used by a doctor to manipulate skin in different ways so that scarring is reduced. The goal of this procedure is to relieve the pain caused by acne and for the scarring to be less noticeable. Laser treatment is a non-invasive type of aesthetic procedure.

What Different Kinds Of Acne Scars Are There?

Acne scarring comes in two main categories, elevated and depressed. Depressed scars are caused by collagen loss. It results in small and large indentations in a person's skin. There are four kinds of depressed scars: rolling scars, boxcar, atrophic, and ice pick. Elevated scars are caused by too much collagen. They result in bumps or lines in the skin. 

How Does The Laser Acne Scar Removal Process Work?

This two-step process begins with a laser applying heat. The heat helps to remove the top layer of skin where the scars are located. When the scar's top layer is peeled away, it makes the skin look smoother. The scars will also be less noticeable. Also, the scar tissue breaks apart, and the heat and light of the laser will encourage the growth of new healthy skin cells. The laser's heat reduces inflammation and draws blood flow to the scar's location. This reduces redness and the scars are not raised any longer. After that, the process of promoting skin healing can start.  

What Are The Side Effects or Risks?

Some risk is posed by many procedures, including acne surgery. The most common side effects are swelling, pain, and redness at the site that is treated. The pain will usually last for only two hours or less, and redness will normally subside within 10 days. Two of the main risks that are associated with acne surgery are hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) and infection. If swelling, pus, or fever develops at the site, immediately contact your treatment provider. Before you undergo acne scar laser treatment, speak with a specialist to discuss any questions you might have. 

What Can You Expect From This Type Of Treatment?

Laser treatment does not result in acne scarring being completely removed. Instead, it reduces the scarring so that it is not as noticeable. However, this procedure is not guaranteed. Once the surgery site has healed, extra care will be required for the skin. Sunscreen should be used by patients each time they leave the house. No sun tanning should be done for around eight weeks, and during this time you should also not spend a lot of time out in the sun. Your provider might also give you special care instructions by recommending a special toner or moisturizer for the skin site. To prevent infections, make sure your skin is kept clean and avoid makeup for a minimum of one week. Any redness in the area where the surgery was done should clear up within a few weeks, and results of the treatment should appear within 10 days. 


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