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The Different Types of Metal Detectors Helping with Security

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It is important for security that we have metal detectors so that we can detect the kinds of metal objects that can potentially be used as weapons. They will be used by security firms at airports, sports grounds, and court facilities, to name just a few places where they are used in one form or another. The Walk through metal detector has become a useful tool in speeding up the automatic searching of individuals for undesirable metal objects, where there is a large footfall. It is vital to maintain security, but at the same time, important that nobody misses the plane, a sports game, or musical performance when tickets have been paid a lot for, because of a procedure that has taken too long to complete, where there can be hundreds of people to search in a short space of time.

So, we shall think about all the different ways metal objects such as guns or knives could be detected on an individual that is carrying the potential weapon with the possible intention to misuse and severely or fatally injure another.

Walk through Metal Detector

It makes sense to start with the most effective method of metal detection out there. The walk through metal detector is effective in detecting a metal object and can be done so in a faster time than alternative methods. Many times faster, is what can be achieved. This saves on time and money because more people can be detected in less time and fewer people have to be employed to achieve it. Where large numbers are to be checked, it is a necessity that this kind of system is used. Otherwise, many people would not be on time. An airport without an effective metal detector would grind to a halt, with planes waiting on runways for passengers to board before it could take off, and air traffic controllers in a frenzy.

Hand-Operated Metal Detector

A hand metal detector is less intrusive than a physical person-on-person search but still requires someone to check each person at a time. It is significantly slower than the kinds of numbers a walk through metal detector can have scanned in the same amount of time. Despite the lack of speed, it still saves on much of the embarrassment a more intimate search can bring.

Full Contact Body Search

It can seem like an invasion of privacy to search someone’s body without an electronic device as an assistant. This is because more physical contact is required to detect a bulge out of place and to make sure that a weapon is not being hidden somewhere intimate as a means of avoiding its detection. Criminals are becoming cleverer at hiding weapons and having others traffic the weapons for them. This goes for whether they are on someone’s person or inside their suitcase. It takes time to go through a suitcase and an electronic metal detector of whatever kind can help with that type of search too. When looking for drugs, dogs will be used for their enhanced sense of smell, but with metal, security officers need an electronic assistant that buzzes to inform them when a more thorough search is going to be necessary.

In summary, we can look for metal objects on a person by hand or using electronic devices that can be handheld. For greater speed, which is important where there are lots of people to check, walk through metal detectors will prove the most effective. Weapons on a person must be detected because otherwise life-threatening situations can be the result. Terrorism is now a very real threat too.

So, where there are crowds, we should embrace the more sophisticated walk through metal detector and not miss anyone carrying a weapon. At the same time, we are not holding up proceedings for as long as if we took a more individual approach. We just need to ensure that time is not being wasted by individuals having keys in their pockets, or other devices that pick up as metal when they are not a weapon. Then we can make the best use of the time that we will save by using the walk through metal detector in the first place.


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