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6 Basic Rules of Maintaining and Handling Surgical Instruments

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It is very crucial to ensure proper maintenance and handling of surgical instruments. This helps in increasing their lifespan as well as preventing contamination. Every great breast surgeon Sydney can tell you that proper care of surgical equipment is a critical aspect that greatly facilitates your results. After every surgical procedure, it is very important to keep every instrument clean and well-stored. Here are 6 basic rules of proper maintenance of surgical tools.

  1. Keep the Instruments Clean and Dry After Every Use

Where you are right from performing breast enlargement Sydney or any kind of surgery, it is very crucial to ensure the tools are properly cleaned and stored. Remember, the residue stuck on the instruments will lead to staining if not cleaned immediately. Therefore, after the procedure, ensure the tools are cleaned in warm and distilled water. They should be cleaned, sterilized, and rinsed in a solution with a pH below 10. The instruments should also be dried well to prevent cases of spots and corrosion. Ensure they are stored in a dry and safe place.

  1. Don’t Put Instruments in Harsh Solutions

If you want the equipment to last longer, avoid putting them in harsh and corrosive solutions when washing or rinsing. When exposed for a long time in saline, the equipment corrodes and that means it cannot last long. Use the type of solution discussed in the first point to clean and rinse your equipment. Use the right sterilizers and avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your tools. You need to ensure they will serve you for a long time and deliver good services. So, take care of them by being careful with what you use to clean them.

  1. Apply Ultrasonic Cleaning Method

This is the safest and most effective method of cleaning surgical equipment. Ultrasonic cleaning involves cavitation where the bubbles created from vibration explode, and this removes grime. The cleaning should be applied up to 10 minutes maximum.

  1. Put Every Tool in Its Rightful Use

Avoid using instruments for the wrong purposes. Make sure that every tool is utilized for its appropriate purpose. Using the tools incorrectly will cause damage that you might not be able to repair. This can affect your performance and the quality of your work in a big way. So, ensure all instruments are used for their appropriate purpose.

  1. Use Soft Brushes for Physical Cleaning

The way you clean your instruments can also determine how clean they get and how long they serve you. When cleaning them manually, use a soft brush made from nylon or plastic. Additionally, ensure you pay close attention to the places that are hard to reach and the moving parts. It is advisable to avoid using brushes made from steel since they could damage the tools.

  1. Lubricate All Metallic Tools

It is also advisable to use surgical lubrication solutions for applying metallic tools rather than oil, or other unsafe lubricants. Instruments with metal-to-metal action must be opened and cleaned thoroughly. Make sure they are properly sterilized and lubricated to reduce friction. When autoclaving, avoid locking the instruments since it will prevent proper sterilization of the metals.


Patients’ safety and your safety are crucial things that you must ensure all the time. You have the responsibility of ensuring that you cannot pass contamination from one patient to another. Thus, you need to make sure that your instruments are in good condition all the time. This requires you to clean them properly, store them well and use the right solutions to clean them. Educate yourself and your staff on proper handling, cleaning, and storing of surgical tools. The instruments must be fully sterilized and functional at all times.

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