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The Business Benefits of Installing a Video Wall

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Are you thinking about investing in video wall technology? Are you still unsure if this is right for your business?

You may not realize that a properly installed video wall is an effective way to make a statement and connect with your customers. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this investment.

Improved Visual Resolution

When you hire a professional audio visual company to install a video wall, you will receive countless benefits. One is improved visual resolution.

A single display projector has a max resolution based on the surface area it can cover. Video walls increase resolution with every display that is added to the setup.

With a video wall, you also achieve more resolution than a single unit, along with getting more surface area.

If you decide to add additional monitors, later on, you will increase the overall resolution even more.

Quality Images and Experience

In the past, businesses used projectors for larger images. The technology made it necessary to focus the lens, which blended the edges between the two projected images.

In some cases, two projects were needed to add enough light on the wall even to show the image.

Modern video walls will use direct view technology, such as LED and LCD screens. These offer a much clearer and crisper picture, as well as increased brightness.

Superior Versatility

It’s important to note that video walls are more than just TV screens used together. One of the monitors can showcase a news feed, while another may display relevant data to your clients or company.

You can even have part of the video wall show a live feed to a location in your building or beyond your facility.

With this setup, everything is synchronized, integrated, and controlled from a bank of processors or single processor used to show exactly what you want and need.

Increased Customer Engagement

Having an interactive video wall can make a huge difference for your company. Most people have the urge to purchase something if the selling process is customized or personalized to them.

With a video wall, you can create content relevant to the person. You can also allow browsing options, which lets them choose their experience.

No matter if someone has a question about the product or service you offer or if they just want to learn more, a video wall will help improve customer engagement significantly.

Is a Video Wall Right for Your Business?

As you can see from the information above, installing a video wall offers an array of benefits. Be sure to keep this information in mind, which will help you decide if this is an investment you would like to make for your team.

In the end, it is an investment that can pay off significantly.

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