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Affiliate program WagerPartners

  • Written by Elena Gnatyuk


If you read the reviews of webmasters about affiliate programs, you can think that there’s one honest affiliate program out of five fraudulent ones. This is not surprising, as gambling is a profitable industry in itself and some people want to get the maximum gain without investing, or almost without investing. But the idea of ​​a good affiliate program is that in the end, all the participants win. And this is precisely the goal that Wager Partners adheres to.

betboys casino

Wager Partners ensures a sound and financially beneficial affiliate program to participate. The key models of cooperation are as follows:

  • RevShare reaching from 50% to 65% of each transaction by a referred player

  • CPA being up to $130

  • Hybrid RS + CPA proposed to experienced webmasters.

There are many reasons to join Wager Partners’ affiliate, including:

  • Payments flexibility

  •  CPA, RS, and Hybrid models of cooperation

  • Support around the clock

  • Countless geos

  • Regular basis of payouts

  • Tools provided by Wager Partners.

Participating in the affiliate program by Wager Partners, one is about to become successful. Being characterized by the most affordable conditions, the program ensures a safe environment of cooperation. 

Wager Partners offer an exclusive partnership approach based on two brands—QueenofLuck and BetBoys. Both are licenced providers by Curaçao. It presupposes legal cooperation and a way to earn by referring the players and obtaining financial interest.

By joining this program, it’s possible to use multiple payment methods, including:

  • Piastrix

  • Yandex Money 

  • MTS 

  • VISA 

  • Beeline

  • QIWI Wallet 

  • Tele 2 

  • Megaphone 

  • PayEER.

The program is available for webmasters possessing different qualifications and expertise: from newbies to the most experienced webmasters. So, it’ll be possible to opt for one of the offers like

  • CPA

  • RevShare, and

  • Hybrid system.

So, working with the licensed and reliable gambling platforms is money rewarding with Wager Partners.

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