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Stick On The Fun With Custom Stickers

It's a fact that kids love stickers, just look at their school lunch boxes and notebooks and you will see a sea of fun stickers! When we were kids we used to put stickers on just about everything, our bikes, the house, the furniture, even our dad's car until he told us to knock it off! Even though we are adults now, stickers can still be a lot of fun! Custom stickers are an inexpensive and easy way to catch the eye of passersby, the brighter and more vibrant the better!

Not only are they a lot of fun for all ages, but custom stickers also have a variety of uses that go beyond pure enjoyment. Stickers featuring your business's name and logo are a great way to introduce your brand to potential customers, they are inexpensive and eye-grabbing! Order up a batch of custom stickers with your brand logo proudly displayed and pass them out for free! No longer a thing just for kids, college students love to decorate their school bags and laptop cases with stickers, sometimes so much so that you can't tell what colour the original bag was! Custom stickers show off your brand’s personality and help make it visible in the world's marketplace. 

To get you inspired to cook up some custom stickers of your own, here are some more fun things you can do with them!

  • Speaking Of Branding - Not all of today's marketing has to be digital, You can put your brand's stickers all over your retail shops, on your products, office doors, takeaway boxes, shopping bags, cash registers, any place your customer can see them is a good place to stick a sticker that will grab their attention and remind them of how much they want to come back and shop some more!
  • The Gift Of Stickers - Everybody loves to get gifts, right? They love them even more when they carry a direct meaning to the recipient, like their name, a fun photo of them, their favourite catchphrase, or some other personal message!  If you are a business then make your customers happy and build better relationships with them by giving them the gift of a nice sticker with every purchase! People are collectors by nature, so make your stickers in several different colours and designs so they will want to come back to get them all, buying more stuff to do so!
  • Reward With Stickers - Every primary school teacher knows this trick, and parents can use it, too! If you want the kids to be good then reward good behaviour with highly desirable custom stickers! Who got the high score in the quiz? That's the kid who earns a bright and cheerful "High Score!" sticker they can proudly display on their notebook or school bag! This is a guaranteed way to incentivize kids (and even adults!) just be sure that everybody gets one eventually so you don't permanently scar them with the shame of going sticker-less! 
The Australian Government is seeking ways to improve school performance through recognition and awards- PSST! Stickers, mate, they're the bomb! Have fun sticking it to them!

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