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Travel Magazine Database from Dream of Travel Writing

  • Written by Jessica Parker

“99 problems but a pitch ain't one” is a line many PR and freelance-writing professionals can relate to that has spawned many memes. Yet, no matter how experienced the journalist or PR professional, pitching to a new-to-you publication is always a cause for uncertainty, if not anxiety.

The Travel Magazine Database, a subscription web platform from Dream of Travel Writing, is a New York-based company that provides products and services to help travel writers grow their income and create more successful relationships between editors, PR professionals and freelance travel journalists, offers detailed information on exactly which slots magazine editors are looking to fill each month to remove that uncertainty.

The hundreds of full magazine breakdowns in Dream of Travel Writing's Travel Magazine Database feature three to five pages of in-depth analysis of each publication's content and needs, including:

  • which sections are open to freelancers
  • the length of each section
  • examples of what has been covered previously in each section
  • which regular contributors pen recurring columns
  • the magazine's target readership traits
  • the percentage of travel-related content in each issue
  • where to read full issues online
  • editors' email addresses

Featured magazines range from major nationals, such as Conde Nast Traveller, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and National Geographic Traveler, to top regionals, including Boston and Seattle, to new-to-market, independent travel magazines focused on long-form narrative travel features like Another Escape and Sidetracked.

The database includes three membership levels, with an option for a Limited Access subscription focused on those looking to generate lists of magazines to pitch and do the legwork on their own and a Full Access subscription that includes all of the features mentioned above. The PR Full Firm Access subscription entitles firms to opt for individual account manager log-ins or one company-wide account with a training session on the database and best pitching practices conducted in New York, London or online.

One of the Travel Magazine Database's key differentiation factors is its money-back guarantee. If a member pitches regularly using the database for three months with no responses, he or she will not only receive his or her money back, but also three pitch critiques and a one-on-one coaching call to improve the member's pitches.

Dream of Travel Writing founder Gabi Logan, a journalist, long-time trade magazine contributing editor and author of the process-oriented travel writing manual The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, said, “When I started coaching people to reach their own travel writing income goals, I wanted to give them access to all these great magazines that I knew about. Now, I'm excited to share it with all of you. My coaching clients have me walk them through how to analyze a magazine to ensure assignments and help them identify what sections their ideas fit into. The Travel Magazine Database does this work for you.”

Subscriptions are billed monthly with Limited Access for $5, Full Access for $20 and PR accounts for $200. From the official launch on November 7 through December 31, new subscribers can lock in a Full Access membership for $10 a month for life. New members who join during the launch week from November 7 through midnight EST on November 11 will also receive a 180-page pitching manual.

About Dream of Travel Writing:

Dream of Travel Writing was founded by travel journalist and former magazine editor-in-chief Gabi Logan in 2016. Her unique approach of applying non-profit and small business techniques in the freelance travel setting led to the publication of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map, a 400-page guide to defining and differentiating oneself as an independent travel writer in order to create a sustainable career. Dream of Travel Writing offers live workshops for writers and PR professionals, one-on-one coaching and white papers in addition to the Travel Magazine Database and The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map.

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