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8 Web Design Trends You Should Follow in 2021

  • Written by News Co Media

If you have been running a website for a while now, then you probably know how web design can make or break your business. Unfortunately, technology keeps on developing at a rapid pace that what worked for your website last year may no longer work the same way now.

That is exactly why you need to keep your website up to date with the latest web design trends. Unless you incorporate modern trends into your 2021 marketing strategy, chances are your website will struggle creating an impact on your target audience and end up not benefitting your business at all.

If you are looking to give your website a refresh, you have come to the right place. From White Peak Digital, here are the web design trends that will boost your chances of succeeding this 2021:

Use of subdued colors

Have you noticed how the websites of some of the world’s biggest brands feature a flat, minimalist design? Over the years, this design trend has taken over the web and it will continue to do so this year with the use of muted colors. By using subdued colors for your images and styled text, you steer clear of unnecessary features on your website in favor of a cleaner and more monochromatic style. So if you want your website to be in this year, try filling it with a variety of muted colors. That way, you get to eschew superfluous elements and clarity takes precedence.

Use of vintage fonts

When it comes to web design, using interesting fonts is everything. And in recent years, you have probably seen several retro fonts—from swirly handwriting to block stencils—become cool again. But while there has been a flux in the popularity of these fonts over the years, 2021 is one of those years when they go through a resurgence yet again. This year, vintage fonts will be more popular than ever but that doesn’t mean you will be seeing the same old fonts. Instead, they will be reimagined in ways that will give them a modern spin while retaining that retro feel.

Introduction of more AR experiences

In 2021, the web will continue to evolve into an environment where the fine line separating the real world from the digital world is blurrier than ever. Gone are the days when AR experiences were limited to finding Pokemon. Today, more website owners will continue to employ new technologies and AR applications to provide real-time solutions and make virtual product presentations that aim to influence their web visitors’ purchasing decisions.  If you want your website to be in this 2021, take full advantage of what AR applications have to offer. This will not only give your users a unique experience, but it will also help you deliver vital and insightful information to them in real time.

Using custom designs

One of the best ways to catch the interest of your web visitors is by allowing them to customize your website based on their preferences. The more freedom your website offers them when it comes to design, the better their experience will be. This year, personalized web designs will continue to rise in popularity, allowing web users to choose between light and dark mode and pick from a range of navigation options. If you are to follow this trend for your website, you can even incorporate a Spotify playlist that your web users can tailor according to their specific taste! This trend shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the future is geared towards being able to meet the specific needs of web users.

Use of 3D illustrations

After 3D visuals were introduced in 2011, the years that followed saw a lot of excitement for the possibilities of the technology. While the hype has died down in recent years, the development of this online technology has continued and will continue to do so this year. In 2021, you will see more high-quality 3D visuals weaved into web designs, not to serve as mere ornaments or distractions but to enhance the experience of web users. 3D visuals do not only add a sense of dimensionality to web pages, but they also bring design elements to life.

Use of dark mode

The use of dark mode is one of the most popular trends in design this year, and a lot of world-renowned brands have already incorporated this trend into their websites. This low-light user interface continues to grow in popularity, thanks to its ability to reduce eye strain, especially when viewing websites in nighttime situations. And not only that—this mode has an aesthetic value, too! More and more website owners are opting for the dark screen as it makes the perfect backdrop to design elements. Using dark mode can also give your web visitors an emotional boost and help increase their focus by directing their concentration toward the elements that matter.

Use of customized cursors

Ever visited one of those websites where you can choose the cursor that you prefer? If you are running a website, don’t you think it would be fun if your web visitors get to turn that boring old arrow into something cool, too? That doesn’t sound a lot, but that is one of the ways you can enhance user experience on your website. This 2021, animated cursor effects will continue to be a popular web design trend, just as they have been over the last three years. When used correctly, custom cursors can add a tad of understated flourish to your website that your web visitors will certainly enjoy.

Use of audio

Over the years, web designers have searched for ways to incorporate sound in web design to enhance overall user experience. This 2021, you can explore more ways to enhance your website through the use of sound, may that be to provide some audio feedback to your web visitors or to brighten up their mood. With the advent of the audio tag, you can easily produce sound on your website with no lag and with better control than ever before!

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