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D.O.A Launches Its First Social Cause Challenge

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Got an idea to save the world, or at least a bit of it? What will you do? When will you do it? Decade of Action is looking for clever, fresh, thrifty and (hopefully) strange business or brand-led ideas to help tackle social and/or environmental issues this year. Something easily executed …’cos we’re all sick of waiting. 

Newly founded social cause consultancy Decade of Action (D.O.A) has launched the D.O.A Action Challenge. The first, of what’s expected to be, many, social cause challenges by the consultancy.

While the D.O.A Action Challenge acknowledges the increasing intensity of social issues (think 2020 alone: bushfires, protests, elections, a global pandemic) and how this brings heightened expectations for businesses, brands and leaders to step up and be more accountable - they believe there’s also significant action we can all take now.  

D.O.A Action Challenge wants to hear from any Australian who has a sparky idea that can tackle a social and / or environmental issue - fast.

The best idea will be awarded a $5k investment by D.O.A. Alongside a mentoring session with D.O.A founders: Ebony Gaylor, Margie Reid and Adam Ferrier to refine it. 

D.O.A will also invest an additional 20 hours with the winner for idea development/connections/making shit happen kind of stuff. (Please note: DOA does not want or seek any ownership of your idea).

Ebony Gaylor, Managing Partner, D.O.A said: “When it comes to tricky or complex issues, we spend too much time thinking. We need to stop looking for the perfect solution and start taking action that builds momentum for change. The D.O.A Action Challenge is for people who are passionate about social and environmental issues, but also up for less talk and more walk. Big change is built on small, considered actions.”

Adam Ferrier, Co-founder, D.O.A said: “D.O.A is in a fortunate position to help identify and foster great ideas. That’s what this challenge is all about. We challenge everyone to join, who’s got a good idea and looking for a way to apply it to propel change. We want to grease the wheels of the social cause entrepreneurial market - although admittedly that may not be the most apt metaphor”.

Applications are open from today and close March 1st 2021, 5pm AEDT. To enter, you must submit a short video (<1min), written description (<500words), or a visual representation (<1 page) via


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