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Lucid Software Reinforces Its Market Leadership in Intelligence with Innovative AI Enhancements

Lucid Software, the leader in visual collaboration software, today unveiled a series of significant AI-driven updates to its Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. These updates further the company's commitment to transforming how teams work and collaborate by building on its robust, patent-backed intelligent platform. The enhancements include deeper integration with widely used tools such as Microsoft Copilot, advanced diagram generation in Lucidchart, and expanded AI capabilities in Slack and Lucidspark.


“Lucid Software continues to lead the way in defining the future of collaboration,” said Dan Lawyer, Chief Product Officer of Lucid Software. “These enhancements not only improve our existing suite but ensure that Lucid remains at the forefront, offering unparalleled integration and intelligence across all aspects of visual collaboration.”


Among these enhancements, the new integration with Microsoft Copilot offers users the ability to seamlessly retrieve Lucid documents, plus get an AI-generated summary of a document, saving time and streamlining workflows. For example, if a team member is out of town and needs to get caught up, they can ask Copilot to help them get up to speed on a project and Copilot can surface relevant Lucid boards or diagrams, as well as answer questions based on its understanding of those documents. Future enhancements will also include the capability to auto-generate new Lucid diagrams directly within Copilot, which users can then refine and edit in Lucid’s powerful visual collaboration environment.

Lucid also announced AI-powered diagram generation in Lucidchart. Users can now effortlessly create complex diagrams such as flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and entity relationship diagrams using simple AI prompts directly in Lucidchart. Whether leveraging existing written technical documentation to automatically generate architecture diagrams, or creating process diagrams from notes and meeting transcripts, this functionality allows for visualisation creation, as well as the ability to rapidly iterate through text prompts, enabling users to transform concepts into powerful, actionable visuals quickly.

These new advancements—including an improved integration with Slack that allows users to swiftly summarise Lucid documents within Slack channels and the capability to enrich mind maps using Collaborative AI—add to the Lucid Suite’s existing intelligence capabilities, providing even more sophisticated, intelligence-driven solutions that automate routine tasks, allowing teams to concentrate on solving the most critical problems effectively. 


These enhancements underscore Lucid’s ongoing commitment to being the most intelligent visual collaboration platform on the market. By continually integrating AI into every facet of the suite, Lucid empowers teams to see and build the future together with optimised productivity and efficiency.

For more information on Lucid’s new AI features and other recent announcements can be found at


About Lucid Software

Lucid Software is the leader in visual collaboration, helping teams see and build the future from idea to reality. With its products—LucidchartLucidspark, and Lucidscale—teams can align around a shared vision, clarify complexity, and collaborate visually, no matter where they're located. Top businesses use Lucid's products all around the world, including customers such as Google, GE and NBC Universal, and 99% of the Fortune 500. Lucid's partners include industry leaders such as Google, Atlassian and Microsoft. Since the company's founding, it has received numerous awards for its products, business and workplace culture. For more information, visit


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