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Okine Hotline - a lifeline for those overwhelmed by paperwork

Recent insights within the SMB landscape highlight a significant dilemma in today’s society: sacrificing quality time with loved ones for business admin tasks. 
Moreover, 42% of SMBs confess to dedicating up to 50% of their time to non-core administrative duties. 59% of SMB owners cited bookkeeping and accounting as the number one admin culprit when it comes to the challenge of balancing their time between loved ones and running a business. 
Intuit QuickBooks, a leading provider of accounting software solutions, has partnered with Matt Okine, a seasoned Aussie comedian and sole trader of 20 years, to introduce the groundbreaking ‘Okine Hotline’ - a lifeline for those overwhelmed by paperwork and missing out on life's joys.
A staggering 65% of SMBs expressed a deep desire to reclaim lost time and redirect it towards meaningful moments with family and friends. This sentiment echoes throughout the SMB sector, where admin burdens threaten work-life balance, with 39% indicating family time as the first area to suffer.
The research also showed that 40% of Aussies have admitted that the struggle of completing their admin tasks has led to them missing special life milestones such as anniversaries or even their kids' school events. Matt Okine had the privilege of helping mend those relationships, so small business owners could focus on the important things in life. 
Matt even reached out to callers' loved ones to make amends for the missed moments - a true return on investment. 
The ‘Okine Hotline’ offers more than practical solutions; it symbolises a shift in how SMBs approach admin, prioritising time with loved ones.
Don't let admin tasks dictate your business rhythm or personal life quality

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