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New Research from G-P Reveals Australian Leaders Are Bullish on AI but Losing Sleep Over Risks & Potential Missteps

G-P (Globalization Partners), the recognised leader in the global employment market and standard bearer for industry compliance, today released a revealing research report providing a comprehensive view of Australian executives’ views on how and where AI will have the biggest impact on global business growth and employment: AI at Work: Unlocking Global Opportunities. 

The report found that Australian business leaders are feeling the pressure to adopt AI with 86% reporting their organisation has an established AI program and 87% planning to invest more in the technology this year. However, without the right people, processes and technology in place, organisations are often ill-prepared for successful AI adoption.

“AI is redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in global business,” said Nat Natarajan, chief product and strategy officer, G-P. “But we’ve only just scratched the surface of AI and its potential is still largely unrealised. AI is evolving at exponential rates, strategic planning, investment and continuous learning will be required for businesses looking to leverage the technology to thrive on the global stage.”

Key findings of G-P’s AI at Work report include:

Going global. Australian executives are thinking of ways AI can help them expand into new markets and build new teams. 97% of executives believe that companies that use AI to support asynchronous work across countries or time zones will soon outpace those that don't.

Increasing investments. Local organisations are investing more in AI than in their people. 60% of executives say they are putting more dollars toward implementing and/or developing AI technology and tools than in hiring and retaining employees.

Tapping talent. Getting AI right requires calling in the experts. An overwhelming 99% of Australian executives predict their organisation will need to create new roles to implement and monitor AI successfully.

Mitigating risks. Execs are losing sleep worrying about incorrect AI use. More than two-thirds report that their top concern is the financial consequences of using AI incorrectly - surprisingly, sensitive and proprietary data loss is last on the list. 

“AI holds a lot of potential to drive value impact, but only when done in partnership with a future-ready workforce,” says Zachary Chertok, research manager for employee experience at IDC, “AI is shifting the narrative for digital use cases into a focus on workforce empowerment. Building a winning formula with AI requires organisations to invest in training the workforce for how to collaborate with AI-based tools just as much as it requires them to invest in the tools themselves.”

Download G-P’s AI at Work report here to learn more about the state of AI at work and how to leverage it to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape.


To better understand how leaders are navigating AI’s role in the complexities of the global business landscape, G-P partnered with a third-party research firm to survey more than 1,500 business executives from around the world. Looking at factors like implementation and adoption, risk and compliance, competitive advantages and more, the findings provide business leaders with practical knowledge when it comes to understanding how AI can drive growth and innovation and ultimately reshape the future of work.

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