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AI, eCommerce and Marketing Specialists are in Increased Demand by Businesses

  • Written by Fiverr

Fiverr’s 9th Business Trends Index reveals that Australian companies are looking for freelance specialists to support their use of AI, as well as focusing on eCommerce and social media marketing to drive business growth. 


Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing how the world works together, today released its 2024 Business Trends Index which is compiled from trending searches for freelance digital services on Fiverr's platform. Among the millions of searches on the marketplace over the past six months, AI, eCommerce and social media marketing all saw significant increases. The Index shows that businesses are seeking out skilled freelancers to help them explore growth opportunities. Equally, Australians are taking advantage of the demand for their expertise, jumping into side hustles in a big way to combat cost of living pressures.


Globally, AI services have seen a huge spike in demand, as the understanding of the benefits and efficiencies that AI can bring becomes more apparent. According to the Index, searches on Fiverr for ‘AI influencer’ have skyrocketed by 6305%. Inquiries for ‘AI saas’ - a combination of artificial intelligence and software-as-a-service - have grown by 1,461%  and ‘AI chatbot’ increased by 85% - all signs that businesses across the world are harnessing the power of AI to enable market progression. 


Matti Yahav, Chief Marketing Officer at Fiverr comments:After a turbulent year, the Australian economy grew in December 2023 and those green shoots are reflected in the way businesses are using Fiverr. Searches show that they are harnessing the power of skilled freelancers to drive their business forward - especially in the areas of AI,  eCommerce and social media marketing. And, with the cost of living crisis still very present, it’s clear that innovative Aussies are using their skills to make an additional income through freelancing.” 


The 2024 Index reveals the three major business areas in Australia where specialist skills have seen a growth in demand: 


Businesses are optimistic and are implementing growth tactics 

The Index indicates that companies are feeling optimistic and are actively looking to grow and expand their audience. Fiverr searches highlight that businesses are seeking skilled freelancers to enable them to secure cut-through on social media, with a particular focus on Google or Facebook ad campaigns and website SEO. Freelancers with these skills can earn up to $2,000 per project due to the increase in demand. 

SEO backlinks - searches increased +87% from Sept ‘23 - Feb ‘24 compared to the previous six months - earning range per project between $250 - $800

Google Ads campaign - +43%- earning range per project between $500 - $1,600

Social media content creator - +58% - earning range per project between $500 - $2,000

Facebook ads campaign - +56% - earning range per project between $500 - $2,000


Increase in eCommerce investment as the industry grows 

The Index indicates an upward trend in eCommerce investment, with Shopify becoming the go-to platform for small businesses. Searches for expert freelancers in Shopify design and marketing on Fiverr have notably increased, reflecting this growing trend. Freelancers with these skills can earn up to $3,000 per project, underscoring eCommerce as a lucrative avenue for freelancers. 

Shopify store design - +39% - earning range per project between $500 - $3000

Shopify marketing - +24% - earning range per project between $500 - $3000

Shopify SEO - +22% - earning range per project between $400 - $1500


Australians are continuing to draw on their skills to make extra income 

With the cost of living crisis showing no sign of abating, savvy Australians are continuing to capitalise on side hustles to supplement their income. The skills required by businesses from side hustles are varied, from female voiceover work to proofreading and wedding video editing - showcasing the breadth of the potential for continued growth in this area.

Female voiceover - +70% - earning range per project between $200 - $440

TikTok Video editing - +25% - earning range per project between $500 - $2000

Instagram reels - +22% - earning range per project between $300 - $780

Proofreading - +18% - earning range per project between $200 - $500


In addition to the global findings, Fiverr’s Business Trends Index also breaks down the fastest-growing searches for businesses in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, and the U.K. A country-by-country breakdown is viewable here.


1] The date range for the Fiverr Business Trends Index is September 2023 - February 2024


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