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I hired a business coach to help my small business soar - here’s why you should too

What do they say? The first rule of business is to stay in business. Starting any business is tough, but staying in and growing a business can be impossible. Figures tell us that more than half (60 percent) of start-up businesses will not survive beyond five years of launching. 

Voula Valanidas' small business at Roselands in Sydney was transformed two years ago when she made the critical decision to hire a business coach. 

After launching her business, Liftoff Early Intervention, in 2021, Voula recognised that despite a strong start, she needed a support system to ensure sustained success. Enter Jacob Galea. 

Voula says partnering with a business coach became her point of difference, unlocking a drive that saw her business reach profitability and double in size.

“My only regret was not doing it sooner,” she said. “It’s my strong advice that all business owners should get a business coach from the get-go.”

Growing the business from its infancy, Voula often struggled to support herself, replaying the words of her high school career counsellor, who claimed she would ‘never get into university’. It was not until working with Jacob that Voula began to see herself as a CEO, and for her, it was ‘life-changing’. 

Over the past two years, Liftoff has doubled in staff and clients. To keep up with rapid growth, the business has moved into a purpose built seven room therapy space. 

However, Voula’s transformation has gone beyond just numbers, reporting significantly improved emotional intelligence and overall well-being.

“I still sometimes look in the mirror and ask, 'Who are you? How did you get here?’ Surprised by the extent of her transformation, Voula now recognised how much of a barrier self-doubt was to achieving success.

Through gruelling sessions, Voula has become comfortable with getting uncomfortable, a feeling that is unavoidable for many business owners. ‘From the first session, Jacob would make me wear my watch on my other wrist.’ 

The semi-weekly sessions provide a space for clarity and focus and focus on strategies, lead generation, and business planning. “He is always pushing me and guiding me to generate new ideas and revenue. Having an outside perspective is invaluable.”

Voula is urging all business owners to engage a business coach to help unlock their inner awesomeness. 

“The investment is worth every cent and more. Find someone who will push you, challenge you, and just listen.”

Voula is an Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapist who uses play-based therapy for children with autism and other neurological disorders. She founded Liftoff Early Intervention with a mission to empower children by fostering social connection skills and learning development.

Jacob Galea is a transformation, mindset, and success coach, motivational speaker, and business mentor. He is also the founder and CEO of the executive leadership firm GCORP Advisory and the best-selling author of the self-development book Birth of the Super You.

Galea first started training people who practised martial arts before attracting international celebrities and athletes as clients, including American NFL player Dale Moss and Sydney FC player Brandon O’Neill.


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