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Why outsourcing e-commerce activities can save your business up to 80 percent in costs

Online shopping hit new heights during the pandemic as people were forced to stay home. Many businesses that didn’t already have an online store were quick to adapt. E-commerce has totally revolutionised not just the way we shop but also the way businesses trade. However, new challenges have arisen due to this, with the biggest issues being warehousing and logistics.

Businesses must adapt their warehousing and fulfillment strategies to meet the demands of quick delivery and seamless customer experiences. Outsourcing these daily activities can, in fact, save your business up to 80 percent in costs,” cofounder and CEO of B dynamic Logistics, Mal Siriwardhane, said.

A well-managed warehousing and logistics business partner can make the difference between a successful online retail business and a struggling one.”

B dynamic is a leading logistics provider that delivers transparent, cost-effective and efficient logistics, warehousing and distribution services across Australia, including the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It works many of the retail sector’s leading brands.

Advantages of outsourcing your warehousing and logistics

What customer doesn’t love faster shipping times? We are now living in an instant gratification society, so the faster a customer receives their product, the higher the satisfaction rate and the increased likelihood of repeat purchases,” Siriwardhane stated.

Outsourcing your online business activities involves storing products at strategic warehouse locations which can bring your businesses the added advantage of lowering your shipping costs through negotiation of better shipping rates with your warehouse and carrier provider.

There’s also vastly improved inventory management. A well-managed warehouse provider should have real-time inventory tracking, which enables online retailers to keep more accurate records of their stock levels without the risk of overselling nor the tediousness of stocktake. These are real business expenses savings right there!”

Efficiency at its best

Having a third-party logistics provider manage your inventory and freighting needs just streamlines the entire process. Automation significantly streamlines activities and the overall order processing workflow is improved. We no longer have to deal with the slowness and inaccuracies of manual activities. Errors can be costly, so eliminate them by outsourcing your logistics activities to a trusted provider,” Siriwardhane said.

Furthermore, when you outsource your activities to a warehouse and logistics company (3PL), there’s just one account to settle, rather than spending money on your own real estate for storage and then hiring a different provider for shipping.

Coming from a 3PL provider’s perspective at B dynamic Logistics, we service over 100 of Australia’s most iconic retail brands, and by aggregating all our various clients into our facilities around Australia, we’ve been able to invest in greater automation and better technology, which means you, as our client, also can reap these benefits.”

Long-term savings

Remember to consider the big picture. A 3PL will save your business money in the long term. You’ll lower your shipping costs through volume carrier discounts, and you’ll benefit from more efficient logistics solutions that have been tailor made to suit your business. What all this means is that with these matters expertly and efficiently handled by an external provider, you can focus on other activities like engaging with your customers, researching better products and driving sales volumes,” Siriwardhane said.

B dynamic Advantage

B dynamic Logistics has developed the industry’s leading middleware software called ‘B dynamic Advantage’. The solution connects to customer systems, warehouse management systems and transporter systems, providing customers with extensive integration options, custom data feeds, business intelligence, dashboards, reporting and so on.

About B dynamic Logistics

B dynamic Logistics is part of the B dynamic Group. B Dynamic Logistics is Australia’s leading one stop shop for ecommerce enablement and third-party logistics. B dynamic Logistics works with businesses to design and develop customised online stores, integrate flexible logistics solutions and provide pick, pack and delivery services to their customers.

The B dynamic Group was created in 2005 and currently distributes products for over 100 iconic retail brands and is one of Australia’s fastest growing logistics companies. The company has multiple sites in New South Wales and has now expanded its footprint into Queensland with a mega facility in Brisbane.


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