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AxoneDuo Infinity, PVH’s Latest Solar Tracker

PVH, Australia's foremost provider of solar tracking solutions, has launched its newest advancement, the AxoneDuo Infinity solar tracker, specifically engineered to enhance energy generation  efficiency in Australian environments. This pioneering technology seeks to redefine solar efficiency by adapting to various terrains and configurations nationwide. 

Developers are central to spearheading the transition towards renewable energy, significantly influencing the advancement of renewable energy infrastructure. As per the Clean Energy Council, Australia must increase its  large-scale variable renewable generation threefold to reach 57 GW by 2030, followed by a sevenfold increase to 126 GW by 2050. 

Despite the increasing adoption of solar energy in Australia's energy landscape, it still trails behind conventional  fossil fuels like coal. This underscores the necessity for innovative solutions to fully leverage the sun's potential.  With Australia aiming for 50% renewable electricity by 2024 and a complete transition to renewables by 2032, efficient green technologies are critical for reaching these targets while seamlessly integrating with existing  infrastructure. 

The AxoneDuo Infinity’s string interconnectivity offers diverse optimisation possibilities to lower costs and boost  efficiency. Its Unlinked mode enables independent row activation, further improving operational efficiency. Furthermore, its resilient weather protection ensures optimal performance even in harsh conditions, providing  developers with a dependable solution for solar installations. 

The AxoneDuo Infinity reduces the necessity for extensive earthwork, enhancing sustainability and cost effectiveness. When paired with PVH's DBox5 tracker control device, the technology's capabilities are enhanced.  The advanced SCADA and control system employs sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to monitor installations, identify faults, and anticipate structural challenges. 

The technology, PVH says, is a demonstration of its commitment to innovation beyond the steel and structures. Alex Cantos, APAC Manager of PVH, said:  

“Australia has extremely unique conditions, whilst we are fortunate to enjoy a wealth of solar resources, we also have tough conditions for technological operations – AxoneDuo Infinity aims to meet this challenge. We have  been proud to be Australia’s leading solar tracker provider in Australia, however, we don’t want to stop there.  The technology embodies PVH's commitment to a cleaner, sustainable future for everyone.”  

Carlos López, CRO at PVH, said:  

Australia is in the midst of a race, and it is clear that project developers are in need of efficient tech to be able  to deliver the infrastructure needed to reach Australia’s 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets. Our in-house  assembly process reduces installation costs and ensures optimal component integration to help them get there.  The system’s pre-service connection promises maximum productivity from the start – this is very important to our developers.”  

"AxoneDuo Infinity represents a new era in solar tracking technology, reliability, and sustainability features - it sets a new standard for solar power generation. We believe it will pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future." 


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