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How to Balance Parenthood and Business Ownership

Balancing the demands of parenting and growing a business is a common challenge for many business owners. Do you know why most mompreneurs struggle with raising children and growing a business? Because it's like nurturing a child – if you neglect key aspects like building relationships, networking, acquiring new clients, and innovating to keep existing ones, your business may struggle to grow.

This is especially true if your business is your main source of income, as it could affect your ability to provide for your family, a nightmare for any parent. If you're facing these challenges, you're not alone. We've crafted this article to offer guidance and support. Here's what you should do.

1. Know What You Want

To achieve a balance between your business and raising kids, understanding your priorities is key. Do you value spending flexible time with your children, or is financial security something you need to prioritize right now? . Are you looking to save money for a home renovation? As of 2022, there are 33,876 window installation businesses in the U.S, according to IBIS World. Whatever your goal is, once you've identified your priorities, create a plan that aligns with them. Start with what's most important to you, ensuring that your actions align with your goals.

2. Manage Your Time Well

Managing your time well is one of the most essential ways to balance the demands of running a business and raising kids. Why? Because both responsibilities require dedicated time, not just fleeting moments. One way to achieve this is by creating a checklist for each activity and moving on once it's completed. Setting time limits for tasks can also help. For example, allocate a specific time to designing a client's logo, and stick to it. Similarly, keep meetings concise and on schedule, ending them promptly to free up time for other activities. If you’re coparenting, work when you don’t have your children. Children will spend 277 days out of the year with the custodial parent in divorce cases. Plan to work hard on the days your kids are with their other parent.

3. Stick to a Schedule

For you to balance running a business and parenting successfully, you need to have a schedule. And not just any other schedule, but a daily plan that outlines your tasks, meetings, and short-term goals. This schedule doesn't have to be a document. You can download apps to help you keep yourself on track. Not only does a schedule keep you organized but also prevents wasted time on less important matters. Even more beneficial–if unexpected events come up, like a call from a returning client, you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Flexibility within your planned structure is key to managing both aspects of your life effectively. According to Forbes, in 2021, about 500,000 children were enrolled in Montessori schools in the United States. Prioritizing your work while your children are in school can make a big difference.

4. Keep Communication Lines Open

You can balance raising a family with growing a business if you don't communicate well. You use communication both in your business and in managing family responsibilities. For you to be always in the loop about what's happening at home, always ensure that you are easily reachable.

Provide a means for schools or caregivers to contact you in emergencies. If you are a parent to teens, consider providing them with smartphones for quick communication. However, set clear boundaries, such as not calling during meetings or sending lengthy voice notes that you can't immediately address. This balance will help you stay connected while managing your business commitments.

As a single mom running your own business, it's crucial not to neglect yourself. While growing your business and raising your children may seem like top priorities, your health should be your number one concern. Without maintaining your mental and physical well-being, it becomes challenging to balance these responsibilities. If possible, consider hiring a full-time nanny to help with some tasks. If you have family members who can assist with your business, delegate some responsibilities to them.

Many mompreneurs have found success by outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants who can handle social media, emails, scheduling, and more. Remember, balancing running a business with raising children is not something that takes time to master.


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